Slack for Windows desktop updated with new MSI installer, Chromium 45 support and more

The Slack business messaging service has released a new update for Windows desktop users. Version 1.2.5, which has the sub-title "To The Teeth" includes a new installer, support for Chromium 45, as well as more additions and bug fixes:

Here's a look at what's new and improved in the updated version:

  • Fixed: Reclaim seconds of your day by holding Shift to drop files immediately.
  • A sparkling new MSI installer for your IT deployment needs. Visit to learn more.
  • Slack now supports Integrated (Windows) authentication for SSO in more scenarios, so for folks who saw authentication errors while trying to sign in, see them no more!
  • We've upgraded to Chromium 45, which greatly improves scrolling speed and general snappiness. Snapocity. Something!
  • Fixed: For the umpteenth time, we've made pinning more reliable. Folks: Pinning is hard.
  • Fixed: It should now be impossible to have more than one Slack app open at a time, which will solve many odd issues that you may have been experiencing.

If you are already using the Windows desktop app just hit Help > Check for Updates…> Update Now to get version 1.2.5.

Download Slack for Windows and Windows 10 (.exe)

Source: Slack

John Callaham