Slide shows Windows Mobile 7 RTM in spring

It appears that Windows Mobile 7 may still be on track for the first half (or so) of 2010, according to a post on msftkitchen (formerly UXEvangelist) regarding Office Mobile 2010.

The side you see above points to an RTM (release to manufacturing) date of spring2010 for Windows Mobile 7. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley chimes in that that's six months or so behind other WM7 dates we've seen, but that Microsoft may be able to speed things up a bit.

And we totally agree with Stephen in that the UI shots we see here likely are just old mockups. We wouldn't expect to see them actually in Windows Mobile 7 in this exact sense, no matter when it's released.

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  • Dammit! I hope those are just mockups. One of my peeves with these UIs is the wasting of upper and lower space with these dedicated title bars and soft buttons. Other apps have shown smarter, cleaner ways to do it. Be nice of it was just a smarter part of the OS.
  • Ummm, this story really needs to be edited. "...first half (or so) of 2007" "RTM (release to manufacturing) date of sprint 2010 for Windows Mobile 7."
  • perhaps your copy editor had Back to the Future on during this story update. of course, that's assuming that you have a copy editor, which, this story proves you do not. might want to put that on the to-do list.
  • Yeah, I blew that date. Sorry about that.
  • Chill out people -
    A wrong date is no big deal...
    And everyone at WMExperts does a great job, and a once in a while error is no biggie.
    And it could very well be Microsoft planned WM 7 for 2007 anyway :)
  • I agree with the chillout comment. To Phil and the WMExperts gang, nice job and thanks for your work.
  • Anyone else notice the soft key in the center.... looks very familiar with a hard key i've seen before....
  • That button likely functions to bring up a list of additional options in apps; it's not a home button.
  • Forget being a wireless provider, Sprint got a season named after them.