Sling TV update for Xbox One tackles nagging buffering issues

A fresh update has rolled out to the Sling TV app on Xbox One. While the update doesn't appear to have brought anything in the way of significant interface changes, it does look to at least address some nagging performance issues that users have users have been complaining about — namely buffering.

According to users responding to a thread on Reddit, the update appears to significantly reduce the stuttering and buffering issues that were impacting the app before. While some still report the app hitting a snag here and there, it looks as though it's in a much better state than prior to the update:

Been streaming almost all day (had off work today) and honestly it has improved tons. Only buffered once in the entire eight hours I have been streaming. Quality has been stable too with very little drops in picture.

While it's not the type of interface revamp that some users have been hoping for, this is certainly a step in the right direction at a base performance level. The developers behind Sling TV did note in September that a bigger update was in the works to move the Xbox One app to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), so it's likely we'll see more significant changes in the future.

Have you had any hands-on time with the latest version of Sling TV for Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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