SmartThings is killing its Windows Phone app

SmartThings has taken to its blog to outline its plans for 2017, and things aren't look good if you're a Windows Phone user. The company says that, as of April 1, it will retire its Windows Phone app because it can no longer "provide the desired level of updates and support" for the platform.

From SmartThings:

Version 1.7.0 now offers support for Windows 10 features. Barring unforeseen issues, this version will continue to function (with Windows Phone 10 Anniversary update). On April 1, 2017 version 1.7.0 will be removed from the Windows app store, and it will no longer be possible to download it and install it onto a new device. We will continue to offer technical support through June 2017 for existing users.

That's sure to be a big blow to anyone who takes advantage of the SmartThings app to manage their connected devices at home. Hopefully the latest version of the app continues to hold up, but losing access to the app download after April 1 will make things tough if you find yourself needing to reset your phone or otherwise lose access to the app.

Curiously, SmartThings had promised monthly app updates for its Windows Phone app less than a year ago, so it's a bit surprising to see support dropped already. Do you use the SmartThings app? Let us know in the comments how you're planning to deal with this move!

Thanks to anseld1986 for the tip!

Download SmartThings Mobile from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Crap. This sucks because I have everything through them and built it around the fact that they said they were sticking with us.
  • same here, I bought into this hardware option over others because of their windows support. the app was never useful on windows, and I think i'm just gonna unload this crap and find something else. :/
  • I did find one that was fully browser based and ran off a PC. It could do Z-Wave and ZigBee. It just couldn't do presence detection but I might have to find it again. They did have a really nice rules engine.
  • Go take a look at Home assistant. Its open source, works though edge and is run off an in house server. I run it off of a Raspberry pi 3, They support a TON of different items as well. I am using a combination of Lifx bulbs and wemo switches for my setup. It takes a bit to get up and running, but once its going its very very stable.
  • YES! That' the one I was thinking about. Thank you!
  • Ok. NVM This isn't the one but it gives me another on my list.
  • I am very interested on your set up. Can you please give us some more info? One of the reasons I stayed off so far was thge price (being able to use a Raspberry Pi as a server brings cost down) and what others devices have you bought? Is there a win phone app? Or you access it via a browser?
  • you access it through the web browser. I have it running on a rp3 with the HASSbian OS that they have on the site. they update every two weeks to add more stuff. Right now I have 4 Lifx bulbs, Two Wemo wall wart switches, and two in wall switches. I do have much more planned, but budget is stopping me at the moment lol. the website is Great community of support. ohh and I have two older windows tablets on the wall as control panels.
  • I should add, if you buy the switches ect. brand new you will need a way to a way to onboard them to your network. I have a very cheap android device which has a sole purpose of onboarding the devices onto my wifi network and updating firmware on the devices. After they are setup through the manuf. app the phone goes into a drawer until it is need again. For the Lifx bulbs, they do have a windows phone app. It has problem onboarding "claiming" bulbs and its a pain in the rear to get them up and running, but the app is a UWP.
  • I have not seen the webos seal for a long time. Jumped from my Palm Pre Plus to a Samsung Focus when webos went belly up.
  • I went with Vera and they are still supporting Windows. Hopefully, they'll continue with it.
  • Connected devices and AI are going to continue to grow. Do yourself a favor and don't constrain yourself to only devices/services that support Windows, because that will initially limit what you can buy and later disappoint you anyway. You're better off just accepting that you may need at least one Android/iOS device in the house to take advantage of all the new technology to come. Folks, not trying to be a pessimist. Love Windows, recommend you still continue to use it. Just saying you also need a device with a popular OS to manage all the current connected devices. No point in shooting yourself in the foot.
  • I have multiple Android and iOS devices as well as several other desktop OSes I use so that's not an issue. Trust me. I get annoyed with all of them as some point but by far Windows Mobile to me seems to have their act together the most in OS operations.  And yes I've tried literally every launcher and assistant available to Android as well as trying to cobble together elements to make a more useful Android phone and never was able to make it as useful. It doesn't stop me from trying. I'm more frustrated because if Windows Mobile doesn't pan out I feel like I will be going backwards and I'm saying this while typing it on my iPhone which I have been forcing myself to use for two years and still can't get myself to like enough. 
  • You make a valid point. I'm a huge Windows Mobile fan. Even more so, with the current builds. However, I came to this realization, when I started doing Uber. They have a rider app, but will not make a partner app for Windows 10. Unfortunately, I had to buy a cheap Android phone, just to use the app. Even after using this phone for several months, I'm not wowed by it. The only good thing I can really say about it is, there's an app for everything. At the end of the day,that's what most people want. I still enjoy Windows Mobile, because it's different and works well for me. I had to buy a 950 XL, when my 1520 became intolerable, because of hardware issues that started to plague it. My point is, I will ride it out until my current phone dies or it just becomes necessary to switch to something else. Fortunately, I'm not affected by the apps that have abandoned windows mobile, as of yet.
  • And you said it yourself * a cheap android *! Anyways you gotta be exceptional cause the rest of the world are wowed! So tell me what are issues that put you off?
  • But how many of that "rest of the world" who are wowed have actually picked up a windows 10 mobile device and compared it to their android device? Next to none... They're missing out!! 😉
  • Missing out? No they're not. I've gone from my Icon to a Galaxy S7 and couldn't be happier. I still think W10m is a good os, the problem is that devs don't. I wasn't missing any apps, but my gosh, when new apps only come out for Android and iOS, there's a point to which you simply realize it isn't changing.
  • Yes, nothing wrong with the o/s, the developers' hate Windows Mobile. Loads of apps are getting pulled on a daily basis or not updating them. So sad.
  • What do you expect when Microsoft decided to orphan 80 percent of their already small smartphone user base yet again? It's not only the users who have suffered through this numerous times, the developers have as well.
  • AHHHH NO. They are NOT missing out at this point. You are missing out not going to IOS or Android at this point. having ANY app, that's always updated and runs great, is awesome. I was a tambourine beater for windows mobile (until the screwed me with the windows 10 on 1020 fiasco), I moved to the iPhone 6s and its much much better than any windows 10 phone. it's faster, smoother, has EVERY APP available and has better battery life. I do miss the w10 interface, but since Nadella wanted all MS apps on his iPhone, I got everything on mine!
  • It might have apps, but it has the most horrible and stale environment since... I don't know... Ever? It's just a bunch of shortcuts on your desktop. Nah, I prefer Windows in any way.
  • Do people spend that much time just looking at their home screen?
  • I live off my home screen. Having Live tiles is a huge advantage over most anything. Still can't find widgets that work consitantly (other than pandora, but that's just unnecessary)
  • Because live tiles work very consistently, right?
  • About a year ago I would have said no but now they do.
  • Wait a year. I have the iPhone 6 and it's so slow now my 1520 blows it away. And my old iPad 3 is so slow even after a factory reset my daughter gets annoyed with it unless she just watches YouTube.
  • yeah, I'm sure. it's not an android phone. my mother in law has an iPhone 4 I used to own and its still just as fast as it was new. My ipad 2 my son now has is just as fast as it was new.....I call BS on your comment CR_BUCK.
  • I'm not an iPhone user, but I've never heard anyone say that their iPhone has gotten slower.
  • Working in IT and supporting them I hear that all the time. There are a lot of theories such as hardware degradation but none of my Windows Phones have done this even with lesser hardware. My theory is it is the OS upgrades more and if you don't upgrade there is a point you can no longer install apps.
  • It's not that I have issues with it, per say. I'm just not wowed by it. I just prefer Windows Mobile, as of right now. I'm just stating where I am with things. As much as I love my phone, I'm not blind to how things are changing. Therefore, I've not recommended Windows Mobile to a couple of people, because of the apps and services they use and want to use. Even before I decided on Windows Mobile/phone several years ago, I wanted to stay BlackBerry, but hardware was an issue for me, at that time. Blackberry's hardware sucked and couldn't catch up with the rest of the electronic world. For me, that was a challenge. Even with a growing app store, they didn't have hardware that supported more than a few apps at a time, when I was actually considering other options to move to. As for Windows Mobile, it still works for what I need. I guess I might be the rare case here, but it's where at with things and I'm okay with that. Again, that doesn't mean that I'm blind to changes and challenges of owning a Windows 10 Mobile device.
  • I don't think you can speak for the rest of the world, I to am not wowed by android and the new LG v20 I picked up. The list of what puts me off is large but the top of the list is: Poor integration with my car when compared to WM10, default maps app can't even find my house, Increased amount of ads (like seriously there are ads everywhere and they are very in your face), There may be an ap for everything, but I have to download an app for everything, I can't figure out what is actually baked into the OS at this point, it appears to be nothing more than a launcher.
  • We do have ads on the start menu on win10 baked right in the OS. You won't find such a thing in android or iOS. Ads are on APPS but not in the OS like w10 and you never complain about it yet you are quick to complain about app ads what do we call that?? Also we all know which map is the best of course you know!!! And also we know that there are car play and android auto and none on the other side so I don't get it about car integration
  • Download HERE MAPS from the play store....
  • Just use gmaps then.
  • Gmaps is the default on the LG. He just needs to install Here and he will have more functionality with his maps than he does with his windows 10 MOBILE! device.
  • Take it all back for a full refund and move to one of their competitors who supports your device... Simple! 😉
  • That makes no sense... Return five devices because one isn't supported (and not supported on anything)? Wouldn't it make more sense to switch out one device to support 5 you already have? YES.
  • It is not as simple in some situations. What if your whole family is using Windows phone and rely on geofencing to arm/disarm the home system. Are you going to replace all the Windows phones? Besides, you only need to replace the Smartthings hub with another controller (like Vera) that works with your existing Zigbee and/or Z-wave devices. Of course, you need to reconfigure these devices.
  • Same
  • That's two blows for me in 24 hours. The other one is Vector Watch. I messaged WC about it also. They are dropping a Vector Watch App support because they are being bought over by Fitbit. Thankfully my watch is only two weeks old. So I'll be returning it.
  • Did they actually say they are dropping Windows Mobile support? Fitbit is a still a big supporter of Windows Mobile. If anything they are more supportive than Vector. My Fitbit app just got another nice update a couple of days ago.
  • So you're getting full notifications on your Fitbit from your Windows phone?
  • not yet, but
  • its time to buy the new NOKIA 8 with Snap 835 and Android 7
  • Look at "The Home Remote" in the Store.. It's a good replacement and works with so many other products. You just can't configure your SmartThings through it :/
  • Suddenly a lot of people use this... how convenient.
  • I have mixed feelings. On one hand, at least they will offer support for a few more months, which is different from the ones that just end support altogether while shutting down the app. On the other, it still sucks that they are doing this. Kind of torn between giving props for the way they are shutting it down...or if they shouldn't have any because they are shutting it down.
  • It would be different if they hadn't promised previously they were staying.
  • It wouldn't be as bad if they just discontinued support, but also removing the app from the store basically means you don't even get a choice about using it anymore. Talk about frustrating...
  • I saw they were upgrading the app, wtf
  • I kept asking for a Windows app but apparently they didn't think it was worthwhile to make it universal even though when UWP first came out they expressed interesting in making one.
  • UWP is failing....
  • This is why I finally gave up on Windows. I bought a Pixel. It's fast, fluid, very responsive, and has a great camera and battery life. And thanks to all the amazing apps Microsoft has released for Android like OneDrive, Office Mobile apps and Outlook... I don't miss my Windows Phone... At all. And every other app and eco system I've ever wanted is available. Give up the ghost. If Microsoft won't care to keep partners and apps much less get new ones there's no point in trying to be loyal to a Hindenburg of an OS. I'll miss you Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. We had some good times and you got me to where I am today. But at the end of the day I need a phone that can keep up with an increasingly appified and connected world.
  • Did you happen to get one of the few units that hasn't crapped out or did you actually get Google to warranty it unlike most?
  • Wait... You just said you don't miss windows phone, but then said you'll miss windows phone... Make up your mind! 😜
  • @curiousross I went to a GS7 during Black Friday. I have to agree with fast and fluid phones. The only thing I miss is the speech to text in my vehicles. Other than that, every app you need is on Android.
  • Son of a...... I just got the hub and everything for xmas because of the support for Windows Mobile. I don't even know what to say.
  • You should still be in the return window period.
  • There is a tiles web interface I can still use. Guess I'll just pick up a cheap android tablet to do all the config and setup.
  • Replace it with a controller that works with Windows, like VeraPlus.
  • First and foremost, providing a legend about SmartThings would be helpful (to those who don't know).
  • Yay.. So when windows mobile is going to die 💀 so that I throw my Lumia 950xl and go with either i8/S8.
  • The phones run Windows 10... You honestly believe Windows 10 is going to die?
  • Aha I believe windows 10 mobile is dying..when MS will introduce mobile mode in windows 10 that would be final nail in coffin. Also proves by MS lack of interest.
  • There is nothing called Windows 10 Mobile... It is all Windows 10. Only one OS.
  • That's the line they have been feeding us but the truth is that only about or less than 10% of the store apps contain the same code (true uwp). When they get desktop on arm for the masses, maybe we will see a difference. Until then, there is no reversal of windows phones demise. For every app gained, 5 will disappear.
  • That's up to the developer, not Microsoft. The runtime is available to everybody and targeting it adds a potential 400 million users.
  • Yes, but 395 million desktop/tablet users and 5 million phone users means that the apps that are better suited for phones will never be developed. The reason that I cannot even find a decent couch to 5k app when ios and droid have hundreds is because no one is going to go running with a surface pro. Even when w10 on arm is available, developers will need to know that people are buying devices of a mobile nature before apps are ever developed.
  • Well, there are 400+ windows users which you can reach with one runtime and small changes to the interface. There has never been more incentive to dip your toes in the Windows market for developers. It has never been easier to get in and reach everybody. Do you really think it was easier to attract developers before when we had a separate environment and 50-100 million users?
  • Let's not blame developers for Microsoft's inability to gain traction in the mobile market. We keep saying "ecosystem" when the reality is that it is the lack of popularity that killed Windows Mobile. As long as your friends keep buying Android and iOS, your friends' friends will keep buying Android and iOS, and everybody will continue to not care about the non-trending platform.
  • Of course, Google and Apple are so "cool". It takes some education to not fall for the marketing fluff.
  • "Of course, Google and Apple are so "cool". It takes some education to not fall for the marketing fluff." Falls for the UWP marketing fluff
  • Up to the developer? Stop it man don't act like MS pays your bills or somethn! Developers develop for the mass and there's non to be found in mobile. It's up to MS knowing they came late could make it even free to publish apps, give devs 100% of their revenues and like that you attract them no some annual fees for something not returning costs! I'm a dev
  • They can target all of Windows...
  • Yes but MS collects biggest % on the income compared to other OSs! And Desktop users don't really use apps! Who wanna do something on a table while can do the same thing while laying back on one's couch? Desktop is for work these days and they don't use apps over there! End of the day there's no body to target to
  • Uh, no they don't... Microsoft is on the exact same level as Google and Apple... Don't make things up please. From what I know the usage of the store has gone into the billions... So I don't know where you base any of your opinions.
  • I disagree, I'd love to have all my apps on PC too and I guarantee you a lot of people do... The only reason I don't is because they don't exist.... But games, social apps, browsers, photo editing, and all the smart o next apps I whish I could have them on my PC... Because bottom line people spend more time a day in front of their PC screen than phone or tablet... But since they drank apple/android coolaid they forgot that PCs do exist and people still use .... A LOT
  • Do you wanna back that up with some research or analysis? In the office yes but not otherwise
  • Yes at work but looking at laptop sales and non office desktop sales i guarantee you you still have tons and tons of people using pc and prefering it for a lot of application on a daily basish... Even my 60 years old + mum or my barely 30 sister an my 20+ spends more "utility" time on their PC.... Tablets and phone are for bulshitting or on the go.... I do 2 hours a day of mass transportation a day (train, bus, metro combined) tons of peeps on PC and the one on phone watch movies listen to music or play poor games.... Again i'd rather have my apps work on a surface pro than a galaxy tab... Smartonject control on a tab ok programming them is just a pain in the ass compared to PC range of use... Again phone tabs for BSing... And sure I'll look for data over the weekend
  • It is not all windows 10, they share same core, but still some differences, thats why you dont get PC/Mobile builds simultaneously
  • We didn't get the same build? The reason why we don't get the same build some times is because the driver support might not be up to par with their internal requirements.
  • so I can run W32 apps ? then why do we need windows on arm seperately, isnt windows already on arm then?
  • I share your opinion, as soon as MS has Windows on ARM up and running they'll slap on the mobile UI and kill of Win 10 Mobile. I believe their just using us as beta testers for the new UI. Want proof, trye buying a windows phone. It's close to impossible right now, my L1520 just died and the only replacements I can actually buy now are the HP X3, which I can't afford, or a L650, of which, judging by the stock listed on various websites, there are only a few hundred left in the country. If MS intended people to use Win 10 Mobile, they'd make sure they could buy hardware to run it on. I don't think they ever intended to use Win 10 Mobile as real OS.  
  • Like the alcatel 4s, hp elite x3, jade primo, 950xl/950 (still available), lumia 650, Lumia 450.
  • And several by Chinese manufacturing companies.
  • There is no "Mobile" to kill off... The only thing added is the win32 emulator... There are plenty of mobiles running Windows 10 out there for you to buy... What are you talking about? Both the Alcatel and the Elite has gotten great reviews.