Snag a cheap Xbox Series X with Microsoft's new refurbished consoles

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Buying Microsoft's Xbox Series X, like all latest-generation devices, hasn't proven entirely simple. The latest Xbox consoles join Sony's PlayStation 5 in facing high demand and supply constraints, seeing restocks frequently depleted in seconds. While stock has improved since launch, Xbox Series X and PS5 remain hot commodities following their inaugural year on shelves.

The Microsoft Store has started stocking refurbished Xbox Series X consoles, presenting a new avenue to purchase the device. "Certified Refurbished" devices come directly from Microsoft, undergoing what the listing describes as a "complete refurbishment process" before moving on to customers.

Refurbished Xbox Series X consoles start at $470 in the U.S. and £420 in the UK, offering around a 6% saving on the usual RRP. The U.S. store also requires buyers to bundle a new game and controller to complete their purchase. While it might not be a huge saving on paper, it's likely worth the consideration for those trying to hunt down the console while it's in short supply.

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished)

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished)

Microsoft now stocks officially refurbished Xbox Series X consoles, offering a small saving on the usual RRP. You get a console, controller, and all required cables for a discounted rate, with a standard 12-month warranty on all items.

As Xbox Series X spends more time on the market, refurbished and second-hand consoles will become an increasingly common way to save. Buying direct from Microsoft mitigates a lot of the risk, with professional quality checks, repairs, and cleaning, coupled with an included 12-month warranty. An optional Microsoft Complete extended warranty is available too, priced at $49 or £39, for some added peace of mind.

Microsoft's best Xbox console, Xbox Series X, remains in tight supply, yet its more affordable sibling, Xbox Series S, has proven widely available in 2022. The toned-down console starts at just $300 in the U.S., trading performance and a disc drive for hefty savings. While Xbox Series X stock has improved overseas — you can grab one at Amazon UK today — these refurbished units are still one of the easiest ways to buy the device in the U.S.

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