Snag Dragon Ball Z season 1 for free on the Microsoft Store

Noticing a distinct lack of Kamehameha in your life? If so, you can currently grab the first season of the iconic Dragon Ball Z for free from Microsoft (opens in new tab) (via Neowin). In case you're a little rusty on your Dragon Ball Z knowledge, season one packs a total of 39 episodes, replete with plenty of endless screaming, fighting and energy blasts. In other words: fun for the whole family!

Do note, you'll have to click the "Buy season" button to get the whole shebang for free. Otherwise, each individual episode runs $0.99 each. For your money, you'll get the whole 39 episodes in HD, covering the entirety of what's known as the Saiyan Saga to fans. In any case, hit up the link to the Microsoft Store below where you can pick up the digital downloads for free!

See at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Love ❤ DBZ
  • Is this only for windows 10? If Yes thn its a worthy reason for people to upgrade to windows 10 :)
    Edit : Just saw it works for windows 8 too
  • Is this US only?
  • Seems like it as I can't see DBZ in the store at all!!!!!
  • Damn it!
  • It's available in Canada, too. All other seasons are on sale (though not free), as well.
  • Got it free here in the UK
  • Yes it is. But I already have the complete series (DB, DBZ and DBGT), so I don't really care. But it's a shame they don't sell this globally. BTW, DB is the best series anyway ^^! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Half a day from being able to get to a Win10 box to check on this: Is this different from the first season of Dragonball Z Kai? Never mind, seeing it's available through Win8 as well. Found the info I'm looking for.
  • Since it's 39 episodes long, it's probably from the original run including all the filler episodes which is a pity as Kai did a fantastic job of following the manga without the artificial lengthening. I think this is the 3-4 episode screaming power ups edition.
  • LOL exactly. I remember giving up on DBZ in middle school because there were like 3 episodes in a row before goku and freeza fight. I was so excite each Saturday then disappointed, then finally was like, "Nope... Done, don't care what happens now!" Kai was when I finally got to see the story in full. But I got this anyway to relive my youth.
  • So which version would this be? The heavily censored one with the blue Mr. Popo?
  • I believe it's the FUNimation Remastered Box Sets "Orange Bricks." Half way down on this link -> So Mr. Popo is not blue.
  • Lots of Kudos for this Info. I snatched it on sight.
  • Fun! I wonder how long this will be on for.
  • Who is watchin dragon ball super?  
  • Waiting for english dub, hope they get at least half of the voices from Z..
  • Me!!! I'm really enjoying the current ark. Dragon Ball Super has gotten awesome for the past four episodes :) And whoever randomly downvoted everyone is an *******.)
  • Yup, DB super is really great now!
  • Subscribe to FUNimation and you can watch all seasons.
  • Got it! I think 8've watched this series 8 times and still it's fun
  • Still have PTSD from when goku died and saw Gohans face from 20 years ago. No thx, prefer season 5 and on
  • Hey, fairy tale and bleach season 1 is also for free.
  • Bleach S1 doesn't appear to be free anymore.
  • Never mind. I can see it the mobile store. Weird bug.
  • Hey glad to see It's available for you now!
  • Smh
  • Oh, man - I used to have this on VHS. And now I have it digitally, too. :D
  • Me too! More than that... it's clearer and HD :)
  • Downloaded both DBZ season 1 and Bleach season 1 for free from the Windows Store yesterday :D
  • Deal.
  • Thanks for the update! I haven't watched this show since I was little. Looking forward to watching it again.
  • Man! Waiting for super English dub.
  • It's over 9000! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wrote news about this few days ago on forum
  • here is link
  • Just own it! (cried out thrumphantly)
  • That's awesome!!! Too bad I no longer have my Lumia 930, and no other Windows 10 device around me *sniff *sniff Posted via the Windows Central App for Android