Snag Dragon Ball Z season 1 for free on the Microsoft Store

Noticing a distinct lack of Kamehameha in your life? If so, you can currently grab the first season of the iconic Dragon Ball Z for free from Microsoft (via Neowin). In case you're a little rusty on your Dragon Ball Z knowledge, season one packs a total of 39 episodes, replete with plenty of endless screaming, fighting and energy blasts. In other words: fun for the whole family!

Do note, you'll have to click the "Buy season" button to get the whole shebang for free. Otherwise, each individual episode runs $0.99 each. For your money, you'll get the whole 39 episodes in HD, covering the entirety of what's known as the Saiyan Saga to fans. In any case, hit up the link to the Microsoft Store below where you can pick up the digital downloads for free!

See at the Microsoft Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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