Unofficial Snapchat client 6snap 1.2 submitted to the Store, here’s what’s coming next

Rudy Huyn’s Snapchat client 6snap so far has survived being an unofficial clone of the popular messaging app. That’s the good news for those worried about an immediate copyright complaint.

The even better news is that after this week’s 1.1 update, version 1.2 has just been submitted to the Store. It won’t arrive probably at least until Monday, but in case you want a heads up, here’s what is coming.

6snap 1.2

  • Retrieve all 6tag filters
  • Blur your pictures: manual blur, manual focus, tilt-effect
  • Landscape view to edit your picture (add text, draw, etc...)
  • Fast app resume
  • Optimization for low-spec devices

Sounds like he’s porting over some of his 6tag features to 6snap, which seems like a good idea. In short, with this update, 6snap will begin to surpass any official offering from Snapchat. But, that should not be a surprise to any of you, especially if you use 6tag or 6sec, right?

As we said, version 1.2 won’t be in the Store for a few days, so sit tight and get excited. We’ll keep you posted as soon as the app is published.

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter) 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Great app. Thumbs up to the developer!
  • Yeah, Rudy is a pretty cool cat. But how do I take a Screenshot?
  • U can't its impossible to
  • I am noticing a video scaling problem on Lumia 810. When a video comes in from an android client it is super zoomed and only a portion of the video fits on the screen.
  • Awesome sauce. How about unofficial tinder app?
  • ^this
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    You better move, you better dance.
    Let's make a night you won't remember.
    I'll be the one you won't forget. O wait wrong word :D
  • Yeaaaaa tinder please! Im tired of all my friends getting easy hook ups and not me :(
  • He can call it 6tinder and we can all go to jail.
  • Or 6tin
  • That isn't another social network now, is it? :o
  • Everyone spam Rudy!!
  • can we get 6bbm maybe?
  • +920 lol
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  • 6bm (the six looks like a limp "b")
  • We should start a church dedicated to The Almighty Rudy Huyn. His disciples can be called Huynners.
  • Interesting fact: Huyn's last name is pronounced "win", seriously, ask him. So in fact, his followers would be called Huynners ('winners'), lol
  • That was the point Dan, way ahead of you! :P
  • Im a winner
    P.s don't scold me im not such a fan...
  • Its all in the perspective xD it can sound "wieners" too xD
  • It's actually pronounced 'hu-win' :)
  • Is this official? I'm tired if not knowing how to pronounce it.
  • Lol;:)
  • Rudy huyn must bring a browser with flash
  • Phones don't support flash anymore, ever since Adobe itself stop developping it. So, not possible. Rudy is awesome but he has still to perform miracles =P
  • No. #downwithflash We need to stop fueling the fire. Allow HTML5 video to become standard by not supporting flash
  • Another great app from Rudy Huyn.! :D
  • Ya y don't some developer do tat? Is it a os limitation?
  • Go Rudy! SiriusXM next?
  • This^
  • There was already a great 3rd party app-they cut the dev out of it. Been hounding SiriusXM ever since.
  • A Rudy Huyn ESPN app, since both of the current ones are broken and lacking support. Would be awesome. Maybe a Rudy Facebook app since it seems like so many people don't like the one now. In short, Microsoft needs to hire him to produce all of their "official" apps. A Rudy YouTube app?
  • YouTube app? Nope. Metrotube and a lot of other excellent alternatives are there. Let him focus on more important areas.
  • I use to swear by metrotube but my tube as been my go to app for the last few weeks. I never thought that would happen.
  • I would like to see Rudy do a Bitstrips type app. 6strips?
  • Why not just name it striptease instead?
  • We have to have a "6" on it
  • Haha probably these suggestion have been made so don't yell at me if they have but incase, a drawing tool size changer, a way to delete the entire drawing not line by line, and a way to make groups for whom you can send snaps to. But some are probably in the next update so im just being redundant
  • That Rudy never rests.
  • A robot never sleeps.
  • Thankful for Rudy
  • thank you based god
  • Rudy is a friggn beast! He definitely wins.
  • Is it possible to screenshot pictures yet?
  • Your not suppose to
  • Well, you're not suppose to add pics from your library but the option is on 6snap. Why not Screenshot, seeing that other apps and other phones can.
  • I thought the official app didn't allow you to take screen shots either?
  • It does, but it notifies the sender that you have. Its like a game...
  • Rudy rocks!
  • I want Daniel to interview Rudy's life partner. If he/she is as happy as these commenters, I bet Rudy is an alien or grows his own secret coffee beans.
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  • The Rudy machine has done it again
  • Gotta love Rudy. If he made a 6face app for Facebook THAT would make my day
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  • I am curious about what will be the next 3 6apps. 6 6apps and them he rests in the 7th... Sounds familiar? :)
  • Am i missing something? 6tag doesn't have Fast resume, why is that? Glad 6snap is
  • Why is there a rubber duck in the viewfinder of every single Snapchat article?? Lol!
  • Pls explain snapchat
  • Snap and Chat.
  • Hey Rudy, ever thought about making your own social app? You could put yourself on the map for this and WP.
  • 666 The number of the beast :P
  • I am a huge fan of unofficial apps coming to windows, and gladly pay for the dev time and effort.. However, am I alone to say that the extra "features" tend to spoil the app? The whole point of snapchat is that it is spontaneous and fun. This app enables choosing any old pic from your phone AND now we can edit filters a la instagram?? Can't you see how this goes against EVERYTHING this app intended to accomplish?!?!
  • You can still do that.  These features take nothing away from that.  They are actually quite useful, and I use them all the time.  
  • my problem is that it departs from the original concept.. sending fake snaps, edited photos.. violates the original app idea so much imo - there's a fundamental reason these features are not in the official app.
  • You don't have to use it do you?? If you wanted to though, you can! Better more than less, right?
  • I don't use 6snap - or Snapchat, for that matter -, but I understand and agree with what you stated.
  • I actually like this feature - it's very useful for sending stuff such as screenshots. Or if I want to include multiple pictures in a snap.
  • I'd like a 6Pin (Pinterest) and 6Tin (Tinder)
  • How do I watch a snap? I tap to download, then nothing happens.