Sneak peek at Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1

Ready for your first look at Tweetium on Windows Phone 8.1? Tweetium is currently one of the most popular Twitter clients in the Windows Store for those on Windows 8.1. Tweetium is being made for Windows Phone 8.1 to be a Universal Windows app. We'll do a video hands-on soon, but wanted to share you a few details with you and let you know how to join the beta.

While the official Twitter app for Windows Phone was finally updated last week with a few new features, it still doesn't have as many 'pro' features as some of you would like. Enter Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1. If it's like the Windows 8.1 version, it will be a killer app and a must for Twitter users. Check out our big review of Tweetium for Windows 8.1 to learn more about that app.

Quick details about Tweetium on Windows Phone 8.1

  • Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1. will be universal Windows app. Features between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. will be very similar.
  • The UX for phone isn't final
  • Settings and read states roam to and from Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 versions
  • Pro support in the Windows 8.1 version is available in the Windows Phone 8.1 app

How to join the Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1 beta

You probably really want to take this app for a spin right? Developer Brandon Paddock (@BrandonLive) has plans to have a larger, public beta in the near future. Right now the app is available to a small pool of private beta testers. Make sure you're following the Twitter account for Tweetium app if you want to be notified when the public beta begin

  • Follow Tweetium app (@TweetiumWindows) on Twitter to be notified to join the beta and get additional details.

What do you think of the app so far from the screenshots? Personally I'm already a huge fan and can't wait to see progress on Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1. It's my go-to Twitter app on Windows 8.1 and is already looking solid on Windows Phone.

We'll keep you posted on the development on Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1. Check out the Windows 8.1 version to get a feel for the app.

Sam Sabri