Sniper Elite III Hunt the Gray Wolf DLC now available on Xbox One and 360

A long time ago there was this Adolf Hitler guy, and it turns out he was history's biggest jerk. As a result, many people have fantasized about going back in time and killing the punk off before he got into everybody's business. Lots of videogames take place during World War II, but they don't let players kill little Adolf due to some notion called historical accuracy.

Still, the Sniper Elite games aren't afraid to put Hitler behind the cross-hairs. Sniper Elite V2 offered a DLC called "Assassinate The Führer," and now Sniper Elite III follows up with the sequel mission called "Hunt the Grey Wolf." Yes, players can kill Hitler all over again in Sniper Elite III – this time in balmy North Africa! The "Hunt the Grey Wolf" DLC is $7.99 on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Read on for impressions and our exclusive mission highlights video!

Launching the DLC on Xbox One

Sniper Elite III is a pretty large game on Xbox One – 20 GB, in fact. You might think the new DLC would already be a part of the game, in which case we'd only need to buy an unlock key in order to play it. But nope, the "Hunt the Grey Wolf" DLC is a separate 2 GB download. Pretty large, but it does contain a unique level and story sequences. Plus Hitler, that dude probably takes up a gigabyte all on his own.

After buying and downloading the DLC on Xbox One, you'll need to exit, close the game, and restart. You should see a "New content downloaded" message upon restarting the game. Select Campaign and then Downloaded Missions in order to play the new level.

Sniper Elite III Hunt the Gray Wolf DLC Xbox One

Taking down the wolf

"Hunt the Grey Wolf" takes place entirely at night. Our hero Karl Fairburne must approach a hilltop villa occupied by Nazis, determine whether Hitler is truly going to visit the encampment, and then kill him.

Players can take several paths as they approach the base of the hill. Whether you choose to kill every Nazi on the ground or sneak past the majority of them is up to you. Once you reach the hillside, you'll discover a series of ladders that lead up to the base. Approach the building just past the ladder and read the intel contained within. Could it be the real Hitler visiting or just one of his doubles?

After entering the encampment, you'll have to hunt down more intel. Eventually you'll have discovered everything you need to know. At that point, you can choose between two vantage points from which to watch the visiting Führer and take your shot. Soon he arrives and sits down at a table surrounded by officers. You'll want to take a shot and then make your escape.

Sniper Elite III Hunt the Gray Wolf DLC Xbox One


One big advantage the "Hunt the Grey Wolf" DLC has over Sniper Elite V2's "Assassinate The Führer" DLC (other than being much longer) is that it includes 200 GamerScore worth of Achievements! Paid DLC always goes down easier if it throws in some GamerScore and optional objectives.

The new DLC actually has seven different Achievements for killing old Hitlerface in seven different ways, such as by explosion, dropping a bell on his head, and more. This could add a lot of replay value to the mission, although Achievement hunters have discovered that players can die after killing him and reload the checkpoint in order to fight him again more quickly. Follow this Achievement guide if you're concerned about efficiency.

Sniper Elite III Hunt the Gray Wolf DLC Xbox One

Get it now

Sniper Elite III is an extremely fun game of stealth and sniping set during World War II in the year 1942. The main game consists of eight massive missions that can be completed in multiple ways. They really are quite long – I spent more than two hours on the second mission just the other day. But leaving and coming back won't be a problem since the game allows players to save anywhere.

With full online campaign co-op for two players, several single-player Challenge modes, and both cooperative and competitive online modes for up to 16 players, players won't run out of things to do in Sniper Elite III. If you enjoy sneaking around and taking out enemies methodically, you can't do any better on the Xbox One.

The "Hunt the Grey Wolf" DLC was originally given out as a bonus for pre-ordering the game. Now it's available to all users for $7.99. I wouldn't call the mission essential, but it certainly has a nice scope thanks to the massive unique environment and multiple ways that players can tackle it. And killing Hitler (or maybe his double) is probably worth eight bones all on its own.

Get the DLC here on Xbox 360. Xbox One users must purchase the mission from within the game's Downloadable Content menu.

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