Rapidly level up in Sniper Elite 4 with this easy XP trick

This entry has a strong multiplayer component, with experience and player level shared across campaign, competitive, and co-op multiplayer modes. Player level unlocks not only multiplayer characters but also skills for use in every mode. Wouldn't it be nice to jump ahead a few levels to get more stuff? You bet, and we're here to help.

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Sniper Elite 4 XP primer

Player level in Sniper Elite 4 is based on total experience earned. You earn varying amounts of experience depending on how you kill enemies. Accomplishing Challenges, earning Medals, and completing level objectives all provide substantial experience point (XP) rewards, as well. The level objective rewards are particularly exploitable, which is how this trick works.

It works in several levels, but we'll just explain how to do it in Mission 1: San Celini Island. Missions are replayable, so don't worry if you already completed this one.

Setting up the XP trick

Sniper Elite 4 Mission 1 map villa

  1. Select Mission 1 in Single Player (don't try this in co-op mode).
  2. You can either play through the mission as normal or head directly to our destination. Either way, the goal is to reach General Schmidt's villa at the northernmost point on the map.
  3. Once you reach the villa, clear out all enemies except for General Schmidt, the officer who resides there.
  4. Kill Schmidt in any way you'd like, but Mission 1 has an optional Challenge for killing all five officers with tripwire mines.
  5. When Schmidt dies, don't search his corpse yet!
  6. Stand on top of Schmidt's body.
  7. Save your game, preferably in the first save slot.

Performing the Sniper Elite 4 XP trick

Sniper Elite 4 Easy XP Trick

Now the fun begins.

  1. Search Schmidt's Corpse. This will recover a letter from the fallen general, completing one of your primary objectives. The reward for completing it is 2,000 XP.
  2. Press the Start/Menu button to open the letter and then immediately close it.
  3. Prepare to load the save game you created during the setup phase.
  4. Wait until the autosave completes. A red spinning icon at the top-right corner of the screen indicates that an autosave is in progress.
  5. Once the autosave has finished, immediately load your save.
  6. Repeat the process.

Sniper Elite 4 Easy XP Trick

As long as the autosave completes, you'll gain 2,000 XP every time you pick up the letter from Schmidt's body. The whole process takes roughly twenty seconds, so you can use this trick to about earn 6,000 XP per minute.

You can level up super quickly this way. At 440,000 XP, you'll hit level 30 and unlock a multiplayer character: Lieutenant Karl Fairburne, as well as two useful new skills for all modes. Level 50, the maximum level, will take a lot longer to reach at 1,800,000 XP. I wouldn't recommend relying solely on the XP trick to get there.

Sniper Elite 4 Easy XP Trick

Sniper Elite 4 is the best sniping game available, with improved traversal moves that allow players to climb and take position more easily; enhanced enemy AI; and a brand new skill and weapon upgrades system. Read our full review for more details. Shooter and sniping fans need to play this game!

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