So long, Daylight Saving Time

This morning we bid farewell to Daylight Saving Time for another six months or so. Supposedly that meant an extra hour of sleep, but those of us with dogs, kids and a blatant distrust of The Man think that's just a conspiracy to justify that fiery spinning orb in the sky shining through our window at 5:30 a.m.

But we digress.

Anyhoo, your Windows phone should have automatically compensated for the evilness that is falling back an hour. (It can't, however, compensate for whatever evilness you took part in last night for Halloween. You're on your own there.) No muss, no fuss, no silly patches. For most of us.

Microsoft has issued a patch that updates changes other countries have made in their DST policies. If you're in the U.S., you're good. But if you live in/work with/want to go to another country, check out the list of updates (opens in new tab) (scroll down) and then grab this CAB file (opens in new tab), and you're good to go.

Via Smartphone Thoughts

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  • My HTC Fuze (winmo 6.5, at&t) didnt update automatically until i rebooted. im disappointed because i think i shouldnt have had to reboot. my co-worker's htc touch (winmo 6.1) updated automatically. doubleyou tee eff.
  • So I noticed my clock was changed by an hour to to adjust for daylight saving time. Then, this morning I got up, turned my phone on and got the prompt. This time it adjusted again and was now 1 hour behind the normal time. Rebooted and it's good now. Seemed like an interesting bug there...oh well
  • We (Europeans) changed back a week ago... keep up! :)
  • Europe is a funny country. Its darker there.
  • Europe is not a country. It is a continent with about 50 countries or sovereign states.
  • I was born in and lived half my half my life in Europe. It was a joke and a to the point one, since of course, not all of Europe goes on daylight savings time anyway. By the way I am an EU citizen (and US citizen), and the EU is essentially a nation state in terms of my political rights since it confirms on me rights previously considered national rights. My EU citizenship entitles me to do in France what any French citizen can do.
  • my phone kept changing the time last sun.
  • My phone tells me to do things...bad things.
  • Twice a year I wonder why we don't move the clocks 30 minutes and then leave them alone?
  • There you go thinking logically again!
  • The time on my Touch Pro was adjusted w/o a problem, but it also adjust the time on my appointments :(
  • It's too long!
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