Edge begs for answers: Microsoft polling users who download Chrome

Microsoft Edge showing poll when a person tries to download Google Chrome.
Microsoft Edge now shows a poll when you try to download Google Chrome. (Image credit: Future)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge now shows a survey when you try to download Google Chrome.
  • The survey asks you to explain "why you are trying another browser."
  • There's a chance that the survey is part of a limited test, as it only appears for some members of our team when attempting to download Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is at it again. The browser will now open its Sidebar and show a survey when you try to download Google Chrome. This is the latest in Microsoft's crusade against Chrome. The company has made it more difficult to set Chrome as your default browser and has a plethora of prompts and warnings when you try to install Google's browser.

The new survey, which was first spotted by Neowin, appears in the Sidebar of Edge, which is a handy feature on its own, but I suspect many would prefer it not be used to question why you want another browser. It seems the survey is in limited testing, as some members of our team see it while others do not.

The survey asks, "can you please take a minute to tell us why you are trying another browser?" It then lists the following options:

  • I can't search Google easily
  • I can't access my Google documents
  • I don't have my favourites or passwords here
  • Too many ads and pop-ups
  • I don't like the news feed
  • It's too slow
  • My websites don't work on Microsoft Edge
  • My reason is not listed here

I imagine that Microsoft wants to highlight that some of these reasons aren't applicable. For example, Edge has a tool to import your passwords and favorites from Chrome.

While many will consider the survey a nuisance, Edge does not block the download of Chrome. Even with the Sidebar popping open and presenting to poll, the download for Chrome begins as normal. You can simply close the Action Center prompt and swap on over to Google's browser.

Microsoft Edge is annoying

Microsoft Edge has several shopping features that many consider to be bloat. (Image credit: Future)

I feel like I write the same article every few months when it comes to Microsoft Edge. It's a fine browser. Honestly, I think it could be the best browser on Windows 11 if Microsoft would leave it alone. Edge has a ton of features and a nice layout. Microsoft switched its browser to Chromium years ago, so it works with most of the web.

But it seems that as soon as Microsoft realized it made a browser some people may want to use it realized there was money to be made. Since its initial launch, Edge has been bloated with monetization features, such as shopping tools and prompts to get you to use Bing.

On their own, some of these features are useful. Our guide on "how to use Microsoft Edge to save money and time shopping" helped people save a few bucks. But Microsoft is too aggressive with its browser and with Bing. Many features are turned on by default when updates roll out rather than being opt-in add-ons.

Before anyone jumps into the comments and points out the Google does the same thing. Yes, of course it does. But like my mom always says, "two wrongs don't make a right." That being said, it's still hilarious that Windows Phone got revenge on YouTube from the grave.

Sean Endicott
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