Microsoft Edge Canary fixes annoying inconsistent context menu

Microsoft Edge on Start menu
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary now has a dark window frame context menu when the browser is set to dark mode.
  • Previously, the browser showed a white context menu when a user right-clicked on its window frame.
  • It appears that the mismatched context menu was due to Windows, not Chromium, but it has since been fixed.

Microsoft Edge Canary has fixed an inconsistent context menu. Following a recent update, the browser now has a dark window frame context menu when the app is set to dark mode. Before the change, Edge would show a white context menu whenever a user right-clicked on the window frame. The new menu aligns better with the rest of the browser and eliminates a stark contrast between light and dark context menus.

The change was first spotted by Leo Varela, who shared screenshots of it on Reddit. In a separate Reddit post, Varela explained that Edge's awkward context menu contrast was likely due to Windows, not Chromium.

"AFAIK this menu is not controlled by Chrome but by Windows itself and supposedly that was the reason why that menu didn't use Chrome's dark mode. [So] I'm not sure what has changed in Canary regarding that," said Varela.

Above is the new context menu alongside the old context menu for comparison. It's a relatively small change, but user interfaces feel closer to complete when they're consistent. Mismatching context menus have been mocked throughout Windows for years, so any improvement will likely be welcomed. While the style of the new window frame context menu does not match the rest of the menus in Edge, at least it no longer contrasts with the browser's dark mode.

Microsoft Edge Canary

Microsoft Edge Canary

Microsoft has several Insider versions of its Edge browser for testing new and experimental features. The latest version of Edge Canary has a dark window frame context menu when the browser is in dark mode.

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