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Microsoft Edge Dev improves accessibility with narrator improvements

Microsoft Edge Update page
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev recently received an update to version 105.0.1336.2.
  • The update improves the browser's narrator by adding support for announcing "banner" on "Learn more" links in Edge.
  • Several reliability improvements and fixes also roll out with the update to version 105.0.1336.2.

Microsoft Edge Dev has a new build available for Insiders. The browser's most recent update brings it to version105.0.1336.2 and includes a couple of new features. Edge's Narrator feature will now announce "banner" on "Learn more" links, making the browser more accessible. The update also adds support for a Chromium management policy to control if Unthrottled Nested Timeout is Enabled, though that option will be deprecated at some point in the future.

In addition to the added features, Edge has the usual set of bug fixes and reliability improvements. Here's everything that's new, as outlined by Microsoft (opens in new tab):

Added features:

  • Added Narrator announcing 'banner' on 'Learn more' link in Microsoft Edge  
  • Added support for a management policy from Chromium to control if Unthrottled Nested Timeout is Enabled - this will be deprecated in the future 

Improved reliability:

  • Performance improvements to IMap properties  
  • Improved iOS tooltips  
  • Improved Android shared device support  
  • Optimized read aloud voice options page for Android   
  • Improved Android shared device support  

 Changed behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where the profile popup sometimes is cut off 
  • Fixed various crashes  
  • Fixed Diagnostic button layout  
  • Fixed Drag and Drop for Collections 
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the Tab Actions Menu button   

Microsoft Edge continues to grow in market share. According to recent figures by Statcounter, Edge climbed to a 10.64% market share in June 2022. The browser has grown steadily in popularity over the past year, though it still sits as a distant second behind Google Chrome.

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Microsoft Edge Dev (opens in new tab)

Microsoft has several preview versions of its Edge browser, giving Insiders a choice on how they'd like to test things out. Edge Dev sits between Canary and Beta, allowing users to try out experimental features without some of the instability seen in Edge Canary.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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