Microsoft Edge is about to get more touch-friendly

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev received an update to version 117.0.2024.1 recently.
  • The update adds Touch Mode to the Appearance setting.
  • It also improves reliability of accessing the Password manager page on iOS and fixes several bugs.

Microsoft is working to improve the touch experience on its Edge browser. A recent update to Edge Dev adds the Touch Mode feature to the Appearance setting. When enabled, Touch mode makes certain elements of the browser larger and easier to interact with using touch.

It's a subtle change that only affects a few aspects of the browser at the moment. If you were shown Edge in touch mode without a clear label, you may confuse it for the standard non-touch mode of Edge. But the addition of touch mode to Edge shows that Microsoft is placing some priority on touch. That should make some happy, since users have complained about the lackluster touch experience of Edge.

The same update also improves reliability when accessing the Password manager page on Edge for iOS. A number of bug fixes ship with the update as well.

Here are all of the additions and improvements in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev, as shared by Microsoft:

Added features:

  • Added Touch Mode feature in the Appearance setting.

Improved reliability

  • iOS
    • Fixed browser crash when accessing the Password manager page.

Changed behavior:

  • Fixed two close buttons on tabs.
  • Fixed the blank Passwords settings page.
  • Android:
    • Fixed a high refresh rate issue with certain devices.
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed an SSO issue in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed PERSISTENT_ERROR, EDGE_AUTH_ERROR: 3, 60, 0 error when trying to sign in on macOS.
  • WebView2:
    • Fixed WebView2 display issue when the computer wakes from sleep (#3429)
Microsoft Edge | Free

Microsoft Edge | Free

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