New Bing Chat AI is now available in Edge mobile, Bing apps, and Skype Preview

Bing Chat Mobile 2023
The new Bing Mobile app for Android with Chat AI. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

What you need to know

  • New Bing and Microsoft Edge mobile apps are now available in preview.
  • The new Bing supports chat powered by ChatGPT and artificial intelligence, as does the new Bing experience within Edge on iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft also announced a new Bing chat integration that's rolling out in preview within Skype.

Microsoft announced the new Bing-powered by ChatGPT earlier this month. The search engine first rolled out in testing to Microsoft Edge on the desktop, but people now have a couple of options to try it out on Android and iOS. A new Bing mobile app is available in preview starting today, as is support for the Bing chat experience within Microsoft Edge mobile.

Microsoft envisions the new Bing and Edge apps acting as a "copilot for the web." The company highlighted that 64% of searches occur on mobile phones in its blog post announcing today's news.

Microsoft Edge, Bing, and Skype icons

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The new Bing mobile app is available in preview on both Android and iOS. It features a new interface with a Bing icon at the bottom that begins a chat session. Users can request responses be displayed in various ways, such as bullet points, text, or simplified responses. The app also supports voice, which Microsoft highlighted as a highly requested feature.

The new Bing experience is also available within the Microsoft Edge Mobile app for those with access to the revamped search engine.

We have a guide on how to sign up for the new Bing-powered by ChatGPT, which will help you gain access to the search engine across multiple platforms.

New Bing experiences on mobile and within Skype

From left to right: New Bing mobile app, Bing within Skype answering a question, and Bing within Skype helping make plans. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Also in the preview is the ability to add Bing to a Skype chat. People can ping the search engine within a chat to get answers to questions or help make plans. Like the new Bing experience on Android, iOS, and within Edge, users can pick the format of responses they'd like Bing to generate.

Those with access to the new Bing preview should see the features announced "later today." Microsoft warns that people may encounter connectivity issues due to low bandwidth in the first few days as these experiences are in preview.

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