ExplorerPatcher won't break the Start menu on Windows 11 anymore

Start menu in Windows 11
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What you need to know

  • A third-party customization app developer recently patched a bug causing the Start menu on Windows 11 to break.
  • Microsoft had previously pointed out that the issue was being caused by third-party customization apps and distanced itself from the whole matter.
  • It issued a workaround for the bug and recommended that affected users uninstall the third-party UI customization apps before installing the update.
  • ExplorerPatcher's latest version ships with a fix for the bug causing the Start menu on Windows 11 to break.

Close to a month ago, Microsoft discovered an issue with an update for Windows 11, version 22H2, where the Start menu was broken for some users. At the time, Microsoft categorically distanced itself from the issue and shifted the blame to the software developers' end.

The company identified ExplorerPatcher as one of the platforms impacted by this bug and stated that the Start menu was breaking because third-party customization apps leverage "unsupported methods."

Microsoft only provided a workaround for the glitch, asking affected users to uninstall third-party UI customization apps before installing the update. But now, there's finally a fix for the issue, according to a new update in the advisory notice posted on the Windows Release Health page marked resolution which states:

"ExplorerPatcher has released a version which lists this issue as resolved. Note: If you are using any third-party UI customization app and encounter this or any other issues, you will need to contact customer support for the developer of the app you are using."

Who's to blame?

The issue of third-party customization apps breaking the Start menu on Windows 11 brewed a bit of controversy over which party should issue a fix. And while Microsoft allows users to install third-party applications on Windows, it comes with its fair share of challenges, as is the case here.

This is one of the main risks you sign up for as a user when installing third-party apps on your PC. As such, this is probably why ExplorerPatcher released a new update with a fix for the issue. Admittedly, Microsoft has its fair share of challenges with its first-party apps and is constantly shipping new updates to resolve them. 

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