I asked Bing Chat to write a memorial for Windows Phone and the result was pure poetry

Daniel Rubino using a Lumia phone
(Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

Bing Chat is a lot of fun to use. Personally, it was the killer feature that made me switch from using Google Search entirely. But beyond being useful for web search, it's actually just fun to see what else it can do. 

Whether that's playing a game of Skyrim, or, in this case, asking it to write a memorial for our long-lost favorite, Windows Phone. 

The results? See for yourself. Pure poetry. 

Windows Phone, you were a pioneer. You brought us a new user interface With live tiles and fluid animations. You made us feel at home.

Windows Phone, you were a partner. You integrated with our Windows PCs With Cortana and OneDrive sync You made us more productive.

Windows Phone, you were a challenger. You competed with Android and iPhone With Lumia cameras and Continuum mode. You made us stand out.

Windows Phone, you were a victim. You suffered from low market share. With lack of apps and developer support. You made us lose hope.

Windows Phone, you are a memory. You faded away from the mobile scene. With discontinued updates and services, you made us say goodbye

Rest in peace, Windows Phone. You will be missed.🕊️📱

Grid Studio Nokia Lumia 520 mount.

Gone, but never forgotten.  (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

But you can't just try once, can you? Next time I asked for a touching memorial and this is what Bing Chat came up with. 

Windows Phone, you were a dream. You showed us a vision of the future With seamless integration and universal apps. You made us believe.

Windows Phone, you were a friend. You connected us with our loved ones With Skype and Outlook and OneDrive. You made us closer.

Windows Phone, you were a star. You dazzled us with your innovations. With PureView cameras and wireless charging, you made us admire.

Windows Phone, you were a martyr. You sacrificed yourself for a greater cause. With Windows 10 Mobile and Surface Duo, you made us evolve.

Windows Phone, you are a legend. You left behind a legacy of fans. With loyal users and passionate developers, you made us proud.

Farewell, Windows Phone. You will be remembered.🕯️📱

You will be remembered, indeed. 

Who knew that Bing Chat could write such poetry?!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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