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Microsoft Edge Collections not syncing? A fix is on the way.

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What you need to know

  • Issues with Microsoft Edge are preventing the browser from syncing Collections across devices.
  • A Microsoft representative confirmed the bugs on Reddit and discussed plans for fixing the issues.
  • Resolutions should roll out with the next release of Edge on Android and the upcoming Edge 104 release for desktop.

Microsoft Edge is currently affected by a bug that prevents Collections from syncing across devices. Several users posted about the problems on Reddit, which led to a post by a Microsoft representative. Affected systems cannot enable or disable the Collection Sync button when the flag for the feature is enabled. There are also sync issues with the feature when connecting mobile and desktop devices.

"It appears a few of you have mentioned that you are having issues with your Collections being stuck on Sync," said Microsoft representative and Reddit user CM_Darlene. "I know this is frustrating, but the good news is our team is zoned in and investigating. Woot woot!"

CM_Darline broke down the current status of the issue in their post:

"#1 - Collection Sync button unable to enable/disable when feature flag is ON

ETA fix: Aiming for next Android release

#2 - Desktop/mobile prism sync issues

ETA fix: Aiming for 8/8 104 release"

Microsoft is aiming to roll out a fix for the issues with the next Android release of its browser as well as the upcoming Edge 104 update for desktop. Those aren't firm release goals, but users shouldn't have to wait that long to receive a fix.

"TLDR: The team is working diligently to resolve these issues, thank you to everyone who has posted and/or submitted feedback with diagnostics," said CM_Darlene.

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Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 11. It's powered by Chromium, so it's compatible with the vast majority of websites and supports Chrome extensions. The browser is also available on Android and iOS, allowing you to sync content across devices.

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