Windows 11's Phone Link app will now use AI to generate responses to text messages for you

Phone Link on Windows 11
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is adding a new feature to the Phone Link app on Windows 11.
  • The new feature introduces AI-powered suggested replies when responding to SMS messages.
  • You will now see three contextually relevant replies above the SMS text box, which you can select to instantly send. 

Microsoft is rolling out a new preview update for the Phone Link app on Windows 11 that introduces AI-powered suggested replies when sending SMS messages on your computer. If you have an Android phone linked to your PC, you will now be able to utilize AI to automatically generate a response based on the most recent message.

"With Suggested Replies, you’ll see 3 contextually relevant reply bubbles to choose from when you receive a message," Microsoft said in a blog post. The feature does utilize Microsoft's cloud-based intelligent suggestions model, meaning the contents of the recipient's message will be sent to the cloud to be analyzed for a response to be generated. 

The new UI for suggested replies. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Suggested replies is the latest AI feature to be added to Phone Link. Just recently, the app gained the ability to copy text directly from photos viewed directly in the Phone Link app using OCR technology, something the Windows Snipping Tool has had for some time. 

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Microsoft is also adding AI to other in-box Windows apps, including Notepad and Paint with new "cocreator" features that will help you draw out a sketch as you draw it. Windows 11 is also gaining a new "Recall" app which uses AI to take snapshots of your computer and turn everything you do into a searchable memory using natural language.

The latest Phone Link update with suggested replies is rolling out in preview to all Windows Insider channels now, and will likely be made available officially in the coming weeks. 

Phone Link | Free at Microsoft

Phone Link | Free at Microsoft

Phone Link lets you connect your smartphone to your PC to sync text messages, images, and make and receive calls. Functionality varies depending on which phone you have connected. Select devices can sync their entire screen to your PC through Phone Link!

Phone Link comes preinstalled on Windows 11 and Windows 10. But if you need to reinstall it for any reason, you can grab it from the Microsoft Store.

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