You can now download 1Password manager directly from the Microsoft Store

1Password comes to the Microsoft Store
(Image credit: 1Password)

What you need to know

  • 1Password can now be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. 
  • It's designed to help users to better manage their passwords across macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and the web. 
  • The password manager can be used across multiple devices. 

Users can finally download 1Password via the Microsoft Store, as spotted by @kid_jenius on Twitter, an engineer in the Microsoft Store on the Windows team. 

1Password is arguably one of the best password managers at the moment, and that's available across multiple platforms, including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and the web. 

The platform is designed to help users keep their passwords and credentials safe, thus blocking unauthorized users from accessing vital information. And now, the company has taken a step to enhance the platform's security by making it available to users on the Microsoft Store

As you know, Microsoft has a strict policy over applications added to the Microsoft Store. They must undergo thorough scrutiny, including security, family safety, and device compatibility checks.



This is arguably one of the best password managers at the moment that's available across multiple platforms and can also be used across multiple devices. You can also download it directly from the Microsoft Store.

1Password's capabilities can be leveraged by multiple people, thus enhancing convenience since it lets them "create, store, and autofill login credentials whenever and wherever they need to."

Aside from allowing users to access their data across multiple devices, 1Password also ships with the listed offerings:

  • Create, save, and autofill login credentials, addresses, credit cards, and more across all your devices.
  • Temporarily share individual items with anyone (even if they don’t use 1Password!)
  • Organize stored items using tags, categories, and collections.
  • Get actionable security alerts from your Watchtower dashboard.
  • Help others in your Families account recover their account if they get locked out.
  • Guest accounts for vault sharing.

That said, the platform is designed to enhance the security among burned-out employees, who, according to a survey conducted by 1Password, are likely to ignore security policies such as using different passwords across their accounts. 

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