Some Surface Laptop 3 owners reporting cracked screens, Microsoft investigating

Surface Laptop 3 15
Surface Laptop 3 15 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Some Surface Laptop 3 owners have reported cracks appearing on their screens.
  • According to reports, the cracks seem to appear for no discernible reason.
  • Microsoft says it is "investigating the root cause of the claims."

Several Surface Laptop 3 owners have reported that the screens on their laptops are cracking for no discernible reason. As reported by ZDNet and Barb Bowman on her Digital Mediaphile blog, Surface Laptop 3 owners on both Reddit and the Microsoft Answers forum (opens in new tab) have reported the same issue. The common thread among them all seems to be that the cracks appeared without a drop, bump, or other trigger.

The issue doesn't seem to be widespread, but there are enough reports from owners to cause concern. One user on Reddit claims that, despite being extremely careful with their Surface Laptop 3, they saw cracks suddenly appear in three separate areas of the screen.

Microsoft appears to be telling those affected that they are responsible for repair costs, though one owner, Bowman reports, was able to convince a Microsoft Store manager to waive fees associated with fixing the laptop.

"A limited number of Surface Laptop customers have contacted Microsoft and have reported screens that have cracked through no fault of their own," a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet. "We are evaluating the situation and investigating the root cause of the claims."

We'll update this post if and when Microsoft shares more about the issue. If you've experienced your Surface Laptop 3 screen cracking, let us know in the comments along with any progress you've made in remedying the issue.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Wonder if air travel was involved O.o
  • I have had mine travel with me several times without issue. I also walk to work with it in a backpack during winter. Fingers crossed, but no issue yet.
  • They get extremely hot, wonder if heat related.
  • I have had a black one since launch and have not noticed the heat issue. It gets used for over 8 hours per day.
  • Before Microsoft created their Surface line of products, defects in hardware and software were claimed to be due to the inability to control for such a large variance of hardware and software, and the fruit had more reliable hardware and software because they controlled their own hardware and software. Microsoft controls Surface and Windows and unfortunately can't make reliable hardware and software.
  • It doesn't matter what company is making hardware or software, things happen. It's just more fun to target Microsoft apparently.
  • Yeah, how is Apple doing with those keyboards?
  • Macbooks (Pro's) have problems; the keyboard issues were e.g. widespread, the crappy display cable etc. In comparison the Surface Laptop has less issues.
  • This happened to my surface pro 3. I literally never took it off of my desk before the crack showed up. I watched it grow over time.
  • I guess if it cracked in the middle it would convert it into a dual screen device.
  • No issues with 13" SL3 with i7. Had it since launch.
  • I wonder if a screen protector would have helped here. I am guessing a screen protector would also help here a bit to strengthen the glass (/take the blows) even if pressure came from inside the laptop.
    (I realize a protector might not be ideal for pen users)
  • MY question is with/without alcantara or both?
  • Without alcantara, it seems like the problem is dat the metal keyboard deck presses against the glass. Usually laptops have rubber protective feet to protect the glass, the SL3 doesn't not seem to have these. The alcantara version seems save to have since alcantara is soft so it does not matter if it presses against glass. If you have the metal version, I would suggest buying some rubber feet to place them yourself or install a screen protector.
  • I travel with mine (air travel) in a relatively crowded backpack. I haven't had this happen yet, but I will be keeping a close eye on it.
  • Has there been any more news about this? Or comments from Microsoft?