Some UK police are using the Microsoft Band, and they could use the HoloLens next

In 2014, the police force in the UK city of Cambridgeshire started replacing their BlackBerry smartphones with Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Now the same police force is trying out the Microsoft Band fitness device, and could even start using the company's HoloLens augmented reality headsets.

According to

"Wearable device Microsoft Band is also now being utilised in a unique way, in a trial period in Cambridgeshire. If the user's heart rate goes over a certain level, or if it is removed from an officer's wrist, it triggers an alarm and officers will scramble to support their colleague."

The HoloLens could also be used by UK polices forces in the future, according to Robert Hogg, the founder of the consultancy firm Black Marble. The firm works with Microsoft-based platforms and Hogg claims that it "will be delivering HoloLens to [UK police forces] as soon as we can. We can do some amazing things with the technology". A Microsoft spokesperson says that police might find the HoloLens helpful in the recreation of crime scenes, but don't look for officers to wear the headsets while walking the streets.

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John Callaham
  • Wow 007 reputation ain't cutting down.
  • I guess the UK police force got some smart thinkers.
  • Yooooo.!!!! XD
  • too many iSHEEP here in the U.S. 
  • Optimal use of cutting edge technology
  • Hope its not too cutting edge, otherwise it will cut their wrist...
  • "UK city of Cambridgeshire"   Cambridgeshire isn't a city, it's a county
  • I was going to mention that, I think it was supposed to be the City of Cambridge. Or the Cambridgeshire constabulary are trialing it across the force area.
  • And everyone outside of England overlooked that error and ready the important parts of the story. ;)
  • Just as you would if Rich Edwards wrote about the city of Ohio... But then we know more about world geography than Americans.
  • There may be a city called Ohio. But honestly, that minor typo wasn't the major point if the story.
  • I created a city in Minecraft, I will call it Ohio.
  • But Ohio is a state /s
  • No, it's a shire!
  • Where the Hobbits live!
  • This is how the socio-cultural upheavals leading up to Minority Report started. /jk
  • Lol. The best thing I read today. XD
  • Awesome use cases for Hololens and Lumia. Seems like Microsoft is getting the first mover advantage making their wearable devices, mobile devices, and ecosystem, to become utilities for productivity especially for government orgs and big business.
  • I would guess first Hololens into space with NASA making virtual meetings from space (obviously) or from anywhere on earth, Skype live translator helping on this, now the Band helping police protect each other more efficiently. Next, I see MS tech heading towards not Augmented Reality (AR) used to make the user play in new levels, or police using Holelens at site, but the complete opposite; robots being controlled by AR… Let it sink a bit, image safe training fields where cops could use Hololens moving, acting and at the same time controlling the robot on the danger site: getting rid of bombs, go through smoke and fire, saving survivors from natural catastrophes, or even on armed assaults!
  • So there's actually a practical use for Hololens?
  • Of course there are. Augmented reality has some seriously useful applications. Microsoft developed and collaborated with NASA on a lot it.
  • Tons. Did you not see the augmented Skype, collaborative Mars, or 3D printing demos?
  • If that's what you think, then you are definitely lacking in imagination.  I can think of a bunch of uses off the top of my head.
  • Is one of them involving an augmented female and a vibrating crotch pouch?
  • Depends which of his two heads was speaking!
  • There is actually a dedicated video by Miocrosoft showcasing practical uses of Hololens, and the video is not hard to get by too .
  • Oh yes indeedy. Ar will be more important to society than vr.
  • It's almost like there isn't anything HoloLens can't be a part of.
  • Certainly an interesting use of the band, if successful you'll probably see other police forces in the UK using band, though not necessarily with windows phones. Also good to see other uses for HoloLens
  • Too many scum criminals in London...coppers always out of breath.
  • Coppers and maybe nickels tooo. :p
  • I am wondering too, what is a copper?
  • A cop.
  • Woah!! The Rozzers are very tech savvy in the U.K., huh?
  • Our UK police are pretty un fit, because they spend most of their time in the office or in their cars eating doughnuts. Hardly ever see them walking about on the beat. Which is why I can always out run them, even if I give them a chance to catch up.
  • Do you outrun the police often?
  • Jules, pulp fiction :)
  • The US is worse... They just whip out a gun and go bang bang. At least UK police get some exercise swinging billy clubs.
  • So you've fallen for that idiotic hands up don't shoot narrative. Good and bad cops have always existed. Have you not seen the Lego Movie??? One thing is a universal truth: They do love their doughnuts.
  • Hey i have a problem with the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile, someone can help?
  • Only if you're a UK police officer. Otherwise, you'll need to post in the correct forum. ( :
  • Haha
  • Phone the police.
  • wow that's it's interesting.
  • I just read in Ubergizmo that  "MIT Technology Review claimed that testing out the Microsoft Band alongside the Apple Watch, reviewer Rachel Metz claimed that the Band had 'average heart-rate measurements (that) were consistently closer to the results of the Polar chest strap – sometimes within a beat or two per minute'." The Apple Watch was sometimes off by 70+ beats.
  • The apple watch is just an iphone on your wrist. Same as iPad is a big iphone. They are selling the same thing multiple times. And praised for it. Lol.
  • Lol yes but you are wrong.
  • Here comes PreCrime...
  • Google Glass anyone?  
  • Google glass isn't even in the same league. Its not the same thing. Hololens has also been in development longer.
  • I'm thinking crime scene analysis like in Ironman.
  • Wow, each officer would have to be in top shape so not to trigger the "alarm". I wonder if this would disqualify any officers with hypertension problems as they'd be likely to go over normal set points unless strictly kept in check with medicine.
  • Maybe they can personalize the heart rate accordingly?
  • Robocop 2015 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Or how about.......Judge Dredd!
  • Judge Nandela. Killing divisions for fun.
  • Surrey use android which replaced blackberry. We still rock xp in the offices.
  • That might be about to change. As android is just a mobile os. Hololens and band offer practical uses to aid police.
  • Cool
  • Robo copaduuuuu!
  • First they have to make it super compact and as small as typical glasses.
  • Why? Hololens could be incorporated into a police head gear of the future. Judge dredd style.
  • You sir.... genius
  • Police helmet, make them look like a Robocop. XD
  • Hololens as riot helmets? That would be daft but amusing at the same time :p.
  • This will be useful in Midsomer. Tom will be scrambled upon whenever Joyce spends money.
  • They can't use Apple Watches since they only do random reads, so those officers would probably be dead. Luckily, Microsoft Bands are here!
  • HoloLens could be used in a restaurants too (not any i guess), so the staff would know if the client is waiting too long for the menu, if its ready to order, or when is waiting to pay the check. Just map the seats and use it like a SIMS simulation. :)
  • Nice! That needs tagging and integrated CCTV. If we can make a body language reader application, then it's perfect to reduce our brain usage.
  • body language reader app means one can read one's mind and then simulate what it might look like in reality . Its too damn good stuff.
  • Pretty cool
  • City of Cambridge....not Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire is the county! Great to hear they are innovating with tech though!
  • I cant wait for Microsoft band to come to South Africa
  • Kudos! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice to see our police forces have money to waste. Hopefully they will stop going on about cuts.
  • What a great idea. Coming from someone working towards becoming a cop this is great, hope to see more of it!