Some UK police are using the Microsoft Band, and they could use the HoloLens next

In 2014, the police force in the UK city of Cambridgeshire started replacing their BlackBerry smartphones with Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Now the same police force is trying out the Microsoft Band fitness device, and could even start using the company's HoloLens augmented reality headsets.

According to

"Wearable device Microsoft Band is also now being utilised in a unique way, in a trial period in Cambridgeshire. If the user's heart rate goes over a certain level, or if it is removed from an officer's wrist, it triggers an alarm and officers will scramble to support their colleague."

The HoloLens could also be used by UK polices forces in the future, according to Robert Hogg, the founder of the consultancy firm Black Marble. The firm works with Microsoft-based platforms and Hogg claims that it "will be delivering HoloLens to [UK police forces] as soon as we can. We can do some amazing things with the technology". A Microsoft spokesperson says that police might find the HoloLens helpful in the recreation of crime scenes, but don't look for officers to wear the headsets while walking the streets.

Thanks to Daris for the tip!


John Callaham