Some Xbox 360 users currently cannot sign onto Xbox Live [Update: It's back]

Some Xbox 360 owners have not been able to sign onto Microsoft's Xbox Live service since Friday evening in an extended period of down time for the service. Microsoft says it is working to restore Xbox Live but there's no word on when that might happen.

In an update on the Xbox Live status page, Microsoft says:

"Xbox members, are you experiencing issues signing in to Live? We want you to know we're aware of the issue and currently hard at work to find a fix. Thanks for being patient during this process. We'll update you when more information is available."

There's also apparently a problem if Xbox 360 owners attempt to download or launch some apps. Online hacking group Lizard Squad claims responsibility for the downtime, but Microsoft has not commented on the veracity of that claim.

Again, Microsoft says it is working on a fix. When these problems are solved, we will update this post.

Update: Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox Live alert for the Xbox 360 but the app download and launch problems are still listed on the status page.

Source: Xbox Live Status (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Seems fine to me, had Live switched off a few days, switched it on Friday and said "new system update available"... did that and now seems fine...
  • Well I've been having that problem since Thursday, but it's fine now
  • Not for me..The update download works fine but when it start loadng the update it quits out at around 70-75% and stops then says update cannot process and I get Status Code: 417F 42FC 1380 0700 C000 000E.. I tried downloading the update to my usb drive and it starts and stops immedately saying it cant extract. Ive cleared my sytem cache deleted recent app downloads, the only thing I havent done is unplus my disk drive and reconnect it..  
  • my xbox will not connect to xbox live  since wedenesday
  • Its probably a DoS attack have a problem logging in to the server affected but no problems if you are already logged in...u don't have a permanent fix for DoS attacks still..that lizard squad should really be hunted down and busted
  • Nah, it's just a harmless group of nerds with a god complex, once one of them loses their virginity it'll start to come apart.
  • So, sometime between hell freezing over and never?
  • You got me there.
  • I cannot play AoE on my 1520 too... Xbox signing in problem it says!
  • Probably unrelated. The Castle Siege servers are unbelievably flaky. They should call it AOE: Server Siege instead. It's almost like you need to besiege their server and manage to break in if you want to play.
  • I agree
  • Lizard Squad, lol. I hate how these neckbeard basement dwellers call themselves a "hacker" group. They couldn't hack an old ladies PC. Just because they get a few more neckbeards to help them DDoS a server they think they're 1337. Also hate them because I want my Xbox live!!!!
  • Right now its hard to know if its really them, the issue is they don't put any dates or times saying when and where. They seem to be waiting for reports if issues of certain things going down then say it was them. If it really was them they suck as DDoS attacks are not hacking at all.
  • i cant sign into xbox music on the xbox one either :(
  • Fucking twats grow the fuck up and get a fucking job you fucking stupid imbecile fucks. Stop with your stupid ass hacks twats!
  • That was mature...
  • I don't know what fuck you just said little kid... But you special!
  • I have problem signing into Xbox music on pc app for past 2 days "sad face"
  • Yeah, been having problems logging in since last night. Just streaming stuff from my computer instead of Netflix for now.
  • Good. Go do something.
  • Had it last night for X360 only, was okay for WP. No big deal really.
  • Yep. I keep getting kicked off Xbox live several times. It's been acting extra nuts lately.
  • Being not able to sign in made me do the dishes haha
  • BTW why is it that Xbox is a paid subscription when for PlayStation service is free?? Why can't Microsoft do what Sony is doing with their online gaming platform? If its to make an extra dollar where does it end??
  • Playstation 4 pays for online access too. That's why online gaming was better on the 360 than ps3. And you don't need a paid subscription to play local games. So stop the Xbox assault and chill with the feels.
  • No it's not like that at all. We pay for our subscription to keep our servers strong, apps and games updated faster, and better/smoother digital releases, and etc. Of course, we aren't immune to attacks (like the one going now), bit Xbox Live has had MUCH MUCH less attacks than the PSN. It's all worth it to be honest. And Microsoft does not profit from our subscription, all the money for that goes mainly into the servers and bringing better and faster times for apps and downloads.
  • This post makes sense. 8 years ago.
  • Zonkeyd, who have you been talking to? Your information is incorrect. PSN is not free, the paygate is pretty similar to Xbox Live.
  • Wel I've never paid a dime for a psn subscription to play online other that the psn plus
  • Then you don't have a ps4.
  • Been looking forward to playing my DA:Origin this weekend and now I cant because Live just went down here in Sweden. Way to ruin my Saturday. This e-buying things doesn't inspire me with confidence. Had several other interesting issues with purchased digital media thru Microsoft this year.
  • Hasn't been working for me since around 9 PM EST last night.
  • I haven't had any issues I use my Xbox everyday YouTube, Xbox video, gaming, my only issue i had was being logged out of my Xbox remote
  • Not particularly happy that this issue takes away access to Xbox Arcade games and thus access to Minecraft. If I had known Live being down locks you out of already downloaded games I would have purchased the disc version.
  • It doesn't. You must not have transferred the license to your 360. I was able to play most of my downloaded games.
  • Can you explain? All I did was purchase the game on a PC and dowload the game onto my Xbox. Never came across a step to transfer the license.
  • Xbox One seems fine for me. Xbox 360 couldn't log in last night. My mom also couldn't sign into the Sims on her L920 so clearly still some issues going on.
  • Lol consoles. I'm sitting here with my beast gaming PC laughing
  • Is your beast gaming PC connected to your TV in the living room? Mine's in my office. In the living room, Xbox One rules the screen. What is there to laugh about?
  • Lol yes a gaming PC is way better than any console,IMO. It can do so much more...
  • Most games go to consoles instead of PC. They don't seem to sell good enough which is why they don't make it to PC. Too much pirating.
  • Did your beast PC cost $200?
  • Not sure if this is a wireless fix because a wired connection seems to work fine but my other 2 WiFi systems will not connect. Let's play the waiting game.
  • I hard wired mine and it still didnt work.. Ive done lmost everything. Nothing works yet. I just have to take it apart and make sure my disk drive is connected properly it could be fudged from the last time I cleaded it.. All my games are Digital Downloads so I never noticed if it worked or not.  
  • Same here
  • I am not that some :)
  • I've had problems logging into XBL on my 360 since Wednesday....Definitely frustrating.
  • It is working now, at least in my area
  • What country r u in. Im in the Netherlands and still unable to sign in
  • Yeah, nothing screams terror like a bunch of lizards... what an appropriately silly name for a bunch of silly fools.
  • Not working in my area just tried in the netherlands
  • Lizard Squad right?
  • Have you read the article?
  • It's not back in Sweden
  • This was happening at my house last weekend. Earlier today, my boyfriend was attempting to log in to download an update and got the error supposed after the update concluded. Annoying.
  • Problems logging on Brasil too.
  • Was having problems on Friday. Couldn't tent a movie on xbox video.
  •    Yeah, I was one of the people affected. It was down for me last night and this morning but everything iw working fine now.
  • I couldn't log into Xbox Live so the Hulu Plus app didn't work. Lucky for me, the Windows Media Center app, still worked on the Xbox 360s to extend from our whole house Windows Media Center HTPC (with Ceton cable card) to give access to Comcast and our recordings of shows and movies from Comcast Cable.
  • Too many assholes ruining Xbox live now. My 10 year old son was invited to a hacked lobby last week by someone and they raped him of all rank and put him way in minus then they done a ddos attack and knocked of the Internet in the house for a while. (He's been well and truly warned about adding strangers or accepting game invites outwith his friend list) Now xbox live getting completely knocked offline this week it's just getting tiresome. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • This issue was very frustrating for me, since most of my games are digital downloads, which require a connection to Live in order to play.