Music jam game SongArc finishes hugely successful beta, due to launch this month

SongArc is a forthcoming rhythm game for Windows Phone users that we think could be a huge hit. We’ve covered the game in the past, even giving you a sneak peek of the gameplay. Think of Guitar Hero but tailored for Windows Phone and you’d be on the right track. By picking music from your library, you can load up sheets to enable a fast paced rhythm matching game, perfect for playing anytime.

It’s creative, it has a community aspect and it’s darn fun.

The last time we wrote about SongArc, it was just kicking off its beta program. That was nearly one month ago and over 450 of you managed to get in on that action. The game has now wrapped up its beta and it’s starting down the trek of getting certified in the Store (and AppCampus approval).

Hands on: Early beta release of SongArc

The developers behind the game released a final beta last night, bringing along over 150 changes. We’ve also learned quite a bit about the updated game and wrapped beta program, which we'll share now. First, SongArc is expected to be released this month, though that hinges of course on getting clearance from the Store and no extra rounds of added coding.

Second, the beta was very effective as users submitted great ideas for the finalized product. Indeed, 75 reviews were left by beta testers with an average score of 4.85 (out of 5). That’s a huge endorsement from the community as achieving that rating level for a game is quite difficult. Here’s what some of the early reviews have said:

We’re big fans of the game for a few reasons. Windows Phone is sorely lacking a really good music-rhythm game, at least we’re not aware of any. The other is that this app is really well done. From the graphics, to the smoothness of the UI to the actual gameplay, it’s just a fine example of Windows Phone development.

SongArc will be available for Windows Phone 7.x (except 256 MB ones) and Windows Phone 8 devices.

We’ll post more on the game as it nears the finish line. For now, you can watch our hands-on with the game from last month above (the game has added a considerable amount since then). You can also head to their Facebook page for more information.

Have you played SongArc beta? If so, sound off below on your thoughts of the game and what it means for Windows Phone.

Daniel Rubino

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