Sony Xperia X5? Not Real, but it is Real Pretty

We're still no closer to knowing when we'll see the US Release of the Sony Xperia X1 (see our first impressions review of the Xperia X1) and we also are no closer to knowing what exactly the mystery Xperia is in this Sony video.

It seems that dearth of information isn't just hurting us -- it's been painful enough that Tob!s over at Esato [via] has done up some renders of an Xperia X5, nice enough that some folks have taken it to be the real deal. Given how many iPhone-alike black slabs are out there right now, it's tough to blame them. Here's the 'specs:'

  • 8MP Cam with autofocus and xenon-flash
  • 8GB internal Memory
  • Full-Touchscreen
  • 3.2 inch Display
  • M2 Slot

Not too shabby and actually realistic, but we'd prefer that the “M2” slot be turned into a proper microSD card slot, as happened with the Xperia X1

WC Staff