Sony's PS5 reveal just put Xbox Series X's to shame

Playstation 5 Console
Playstation 5 Console (Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 has received its full formal unveiling, spotlighting the first batch of titles targeting Sony's next-generation home console. The showcase follows near-radio silence from the Japanese platform holder, which pivoted to a steady one-hour reel of both in-house and third-party projects scheduled for the year ahead. The meeting of blockbusters and indies illustrated commendable variety, leaving the system well-positioned to launch this holiday.

However, the impressive showing from Sony highlights a missed opportunity for Microsoft with its Xbox Series X gameplay debut back in May. While both events served first impressions of the next-generation titans, Sony's presence paraded quality and variety simply absent from the Xbox Series X, so far. Microsoft still has a ton to come, with its July event set to highlight first-party blockbusters, but Sony just proved the value of nailing the first impression. Microsoft, now it's your turn to jump back.

How the PS5 showcase stresses the value of first impressions

Xbox Series X

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The "Future of Gaming" broadcast provided our first peek into what the PS5 will offer, following a slow drip-feed of features over recent months. We've received a surface-level glance at key traits, followed by a highly technical deep dive in March. Meanwhile, Microsoft previously dominated mindshare and was dropping scoops on the regular, which was set to continue every month until release.

However, today's event marked the first consumer-oriented show from Sony, just months from release. The event represents a turning point for PlayStation 5, catching up with Microsoft's recent efforts, and is arguably now positioned ahead. It wrapped with us knowing how the next-generation box will look (it's adopted a winged, two-tone design, reminiscent of conceptual, future-facing renders), and presented a vast lineup of titles, headlined by Horizon: Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Gran Turismo 7. Third-parties also pulled out their flagships, including Resident Evil 8: Village, Arkane Studios' Deathloop, and the cryptic new "Pragmata" IP from Capcom.

Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

The programming overshadowed the equivalent first broad sample of Xbox Series X gameplay, which focused on a tighter group of partners primarily assembled from small external studios. While many titles impressed on the hardware, it's hard to say any translated as potential "system sellers." Bright Memory Infinite, a smaller-scale first-person shooter conceived by one-person development studio FYQD, led the show. While Assassin's Creed Valhalla represented to the triple-A attendance, the one-minute "gameplay" trailer caught later backlash for its lack of authentic gameplay footage. While Senua's Saga: Hellblade II impressed alongside the console unveiling back in 2019, we're yet to receive reveals of that spectacle this year.

I initially attributed those missteps to the challenges of COVID-era marketing, as the industry adapts to working from home. The home webcams and loosely stitched trailers simply lack the spectacle of full stage presentations. Yet, despite logistical hurdles, Sony managed to nail high production value, maintaining a more cohesive brand identity over Microsoft's 45-minute showcase.

The best for Xbox Series X is still to come

Bright Memory Infinite Xbox Series X

Source: PLAYISM While FYQD's Bright Memory Infinite looks stunning on Xbox Series X, players expect more than this one-man project. (Image credit: Source: PLAYISM)

Microsoft is preparing for another flagship stream in July centered around Xbox Game Studios. That event will feature heavy hitters like Halo Infinite, and is sure to provide some of the spectacle felt in Sony's latest. However, that will come two months after the first showcase, which ultimately left many uncertain of the "most powerful console" headed to the market

It spotlights two vastly different approaches adopted by Microsoft and Sony with its next-generation devices. Redmond remains keen to share new Xbox Series X details through a steady rhythm of monthly announcements so as to regularly making the headlines. Sony has stayed quiet, even if to the early frustration of many, fostering a sense of awe around reveals. To Sony's credit, what it has shown exhibits consistent high quality, with a heightened sense of curation over the Xbox Series X vision.

Microsoft's next moves will be watched closely as it prepares for its July event. Several years of high-profile acquisitions see Xbox Series X launching with the backing of over a dozen established studios, and most are expected to talk their latest projects around the forthcoming generation.

Xbox Lockhart — a long-rumored, cheaper alternative to Xbox Series X featuring just some of the next-generation features — also still appears to be brewing. That two-pronged approach could help undercut the PlayStation 5, especially with the added curveball of an all-digital model.

For now, thanks to our first tastes from the new consoles, and buyers gauging which console meets their demands, what comes next is more crucial than ever.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • lol... They put xboxs way overhyped live stream of small 3rd party developed games (for the most part) to shame? They must be super happy right now.
  • I must have had the lowest bittate of that stream, very poor stream I was viewing. The Ghost one, Tokyo thing, I liked. The majority of the rest didn't resonate with me..I may have to watch them again. MS certainly messed up last time. They'll come out swinging. And a discless PS5 is good, will be keener on price. Should help MS nudge theirs down. If MS undercuts both SKUs I'll be happy. Still think the PS5 looked like a Stargate Alien, can just see it turning up to a Pyramid. What worries me is that Sony, by having a web cam and the new "create" moniker for their share button, tells me they are going after an area where MS will be lacking. I hope MS has some better streaming, capturing built in. The upload studio was just so neglected.
  • With the Xbox you can use any camera that works on PC. I wonder if the PS5 will only work with that camera.
  • Don’t forget PSVR. Most likely that you’ll be needing a new special camera like that for whatever comes next on that front
  • My God that is ugly.
    It looks like a ASUS "ROG GR8 II" PC with a disk drive glued to the side.
    It even has the same USB ports on the front.
    No pictures I can find of the ports on the back.
    As to the controller, what's with the "recessed" buttons? Also, fingerprint magnet.
    Typical Sony "Bling over Function" design.
  • There I was, thinking that I am the only one that saw that.
    My first impression is of a weird Router. Noticed how they showed nothing on the back
    I am NOT impressed at all.
    MSFT does diskless with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back.
  • Well looks are subjective. But some comments I've seen are it's an ugly looking router or ice cream sandwich. Wonder what the Sony fanatics who frequent this website think of it.
  • To shame 😂 I would be ashamed to write a headline like that. The reveal was good but it had no big ending moment like PS shows usually have. What Inside Xbox showed was content developers consider to be Gameplay but people blamed Xbox for them being gameplay trailers instead. Offers developers can give at that time and not to be demanded by Xbox 🤦‍♂️ The biggest event is July for a reason.
  • Agree. I'd be ashamed to writing a headline like this 😲
  • Totally agreed.
    First impression of a total crap Console that looks like Alien Router
    This will not go with a lot of folks' decor
    Series X now looks a boatload much better, simple clean and can placed on any of its 4 different sides out of six.
  • No big ending moment? Were you watching the same stream as everyone else where Sony finally dropped the curtain on the actual console?
  • Which is 45 cm tall. 45!!!!! It's absolutely massive. 15cm taller than Series X. Not being funny, but it's a proper ugly design. That bulge is shocking where the disc tray is. The 2 tone Colour is lovely though. But the size and shape is horrible.
  • Yup. Just glad I stuff my consoles out of sight so I don't have to look at them. PS4 Pro is hardly a looker, either! Xbox One X Scorpio Edition is, well, it's alright. I can live with looking at that. Series X just looks like a small PC which again, is fine.
  • It might be hard with this one. It's literally 10cm wider than original Xbox One when laid down. People will struggle big time with entertainment cupboards. I can't get over the size.
  • Layed down, the PS5 has to be on a stand, which increases the width/height a little. Have you seen the size comparisons online? It's a big one!
  • Yeah. I just don't understand how or why Sony made this thing absolutely massive. It kinda makes me wonder if Sony really were struggling with heat issues as reports said earlier in the year. It really goes to show how good the design of Series X cooling solution is.
  • And even if we ignore the console reveal, a Horizon sequel is pretty huge news in itself.
  • ..but when? Seriously it's not like ppl didn't think a Horizon Dawn sequel was in the works.
  • No release date for HZ2. When Sony do that, don't expect it anytime before Xmas 2021 earliest.
  • The reveal was underwhelming to me. The console looks strange(looks are subjective). I think they left the door wide open for MS still.
  • At least the first ps5 reveal wasnt a bad rambling of tech without any pictures or demonstrations...oh was
  • That design is ridiculous. Xbox Series X looks much better.
  • It's massive to. People have worked out it's about 45 cm tall. Or 45 cm long if laid down. It's gigantic. 15 cm taller than Series X
  • Are you kidding? I felt underwhelmed. XBox's big Series X reveal isn't until July anyways.
  • They didn't mention anything that competes with smart delivery, did they? I only skimmed it.
  • We must of watched two different versions
  • THE MOST BIASED ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ ON THIS SITE. You're comparing a Playstation first party event to an Xbox 3RD Party reveal. How did you get to that conclusion? We all know Xbox has the better console, better plans for gamers and there's nothing you can say to change that.
  • Yup. This article was purely written in the sole purpose of generating clicks and traffic...
  • Aye. Literally rolling my eyes as I click such a clickbaity headline.
  • Why so mad
  • Better controller and plans? LOL
    The only bias I see is from you, trying to make your opinion sound like as if it's a fact. LOL
    Ah company "fans"...
  • This felt much more like Sony's E3; big name first party titles accompanied by big(ger) name third parties. I won't say this put Microsoft's showing to shame mainly because of their apples to oranges approach. Days before their May 7th event, Microsoft announced they planned to show their major first party games in July. I'd argue it's unfair to compare Sony's big reveal to Microsoft's purposely tame showcase. Nonetheless, there is a lesson to be learned - first impressions matter. After a rather weak lineup of exclusives for the Xbox One (at least in comparison to the PS4), Microsoft doesn't have the luxury of drip feeding titles. Nintendo can do it with their Directs but every Series X reveal needs to knock it out the park. While Sony is trying to make every event matter, Microsoft is playing coy and it's just leaving a bad taste in people's mouth. For an example, see the title of this article.
  • This writer know he was doing biased comparison of 3rd party to 1st party lineup, he just opted to rile folks up forgetting these folks are informed.
    Also, he failed to mention how open MSFT is about their hardware which with PS5 reveal today still find it needy to hide some stuff.
  • Yeah I didn't feel Sony's showing put the Xbox showing to shame. Honestly felt it was a little underwhelming as well. Did they even show any 1st party exclusives set to release in 2020 or even first half of 2021? All of the games looked like they would be able to run on current gen hardware without issue.
  • Spider man was definitely launch. Ratchet didn't have a release date. Uhh... I think the HouseMark one was launch. I forget the rest, LBP one might be launch... I know Spiderman was launch.
  • I'm going to have to disagree. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only game shown to have actual gameplay was the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, right? So essentially, it was the same as what Microsoft showed last month with a bunch of game trailers, yet everyone is saying how great this was and how bad Microsoft's was. I think that someone messed up the editing because two of the developers shown specifically said gameplay (the guy for Hitman III and someone else) but then they showed trailers. The showcases were pretty much the same to me. Both had some beautiful looking next-gen games but Sony showed a few more exclusives. I'm sure Microsoft will rectify that next month with their first party show.
    As far as the console, I wasn't really too enamored with the way the Seriex X looked but I understood why it was designed that way because they built the console around the specs and not the specs around the console and they wanted to make sure that it wouldn't overheat. The PS5 is just ugly. It's like they tried to make it futuristic looking but they just didn't know how to finish it. I can see why Sony held off as long as they did to reveal the console. The funniest meme I've seen so far is an old router inside of a three-ring binder.
  • "As far as the console, I wasn't really too enamored with the way the Seriex X looked but I understood why it was designed that way because they built the console around the specs and not the specs around the console and they wanted to make sure that it wouldn't overheat. The PS5 is just ugly. It's like they tried to make it futuristic looking but they just didn't know how to finish it. " I love this part of your comment. - "The PS5 is just ugly"
    I thought the PS5 looks like a weird alien Router
  • "Correct me if I'm wrong but the only game shown to have actual gameplay was the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, right?"
    Nope watch it again...
  • Did I watch a different reveal? Pretty much everyone in the stream I was watching with (modernretrogamer) felt the PS5 line up was poor and was very much underwhelmed. Most of the games looked like they could easily run on ps4 hardware, with people joking about them being nintendo switch ports. Lack of backward compatibility being explained seems to be a hot topic.
    I understand most of it was pre-alpha game footage but to say it put the xbox to shame is just shameful itself.
  • This actually is the part that concerns me about Sony's approach to the rather 'forced' generational shift. The reality is that maybe 95% of games shown can easily run on current gen X1X/PS4 pro. So the question is that do the devs simply restrict to the new hardware just for the sake of it?? Or do I have to buy a game on the this gen and then buy the game AGAIN on the next gen hardware, a la Nintendo Wii U to Switch style?? I have been making nearly all my purchases on my X1 because of this (have X1, X1X, PS4 Pro and Switch). Only a handful of games will demand the Series X and PS5 as absolute minimum.
  • @Simon
    Are you serious? You base your decision on what random people say? I looked at the chat during the event. What was funny is stupid fanboys spamming the chat with "F" or "L" or some cheer about XB.
    I think if you want a better view look at the views/like/dislike of both events.
    1.3m views / 45K Like / 36K dislike.
    11.7m views / 463K Like / 38 dislike
    And that's not even looking at the streams in other language (more in favour of PS5) If you can't see a difference here, than I can't help you...
  • Satisfying event IMO. I will say when you see online size comparisons, the PS5 looks MASSIVE. The XsX funnily enough looks dwarfed by it, and shows how much thought went into designing it over the PS5 which just looks like it wastes alot of space.
  • I think there were pros and cons to both events, the only real issue I had with the Microsoft show was they said it was gameplay, and regardless of whether they showed off in game cutscenes or not, very little appeared to be actual gameplay where you are controlling your character. The Sony show didn't really have anything that overly interested me outside of Deathloop (and that doesn't seem like anything that won't be just as enjoyable on the current gen), but I haven't watched all the trailers yet. In fact that's a big thing, I haven't seen anything yet that says "this game couldn't exist on the current generation" obviously with visual downgrades but still, I haven't watched a trailer yet and thought ok, this is why I need a new console.
  • And Sonys show inuded all first party offerings so far. Don't forget MS split theirs. First party show is in July.
  • "In fact that's a big thing, I haven't seen anything yet that says "this game couldn't exist on the current generation""
    I would think maybe the Horizon sequel, but maybe a downgraded version could run on PS4.
    Another one would be R&C. The moving from one world to another instantaneously without loading time could be due to improved hardware.
    But this is my whole point about how little noticeable differences we'll see between generations as we move in the future. Power should not really be that important. It should always be games that makes or breaks a platform.
  • I don't think Ratchet and Clank is possible on PS4. There is no way you could have done the portals kinda thing without the SSD. Sure Portals did, but it did it in small rooms. R&C was doing it with entire scenes. So IMO R&C is only possible on next Gen consoles due to SSD.
  • I think this article is a bit too harsh and shows the slight bias the industry has towards Microsoft, which means that Sony can't do anything wrong. As I was watching this stream, it reminded me of the Xbox event, where we saw smaller studios present their games, yet when Sony showed something similar, the internet went nuts proclaiming victory. Spiderman, Ratchet and clank, Project Athia and Returnal caught my eye. But I still got the feeling that many of these games can run on a PS 4 pro or Xbox one X and, of course, on a 2080TI PC. Microsoft catches a lot of heat because the industry only has eyes for Sony. The rest of the games will be on Series X from third-party developers and will look and run better. I do agree that Microsoft needs to finally step up and stop playing this cat and mouse game and show your cards and speak confidently about why your box is the best and how it offers an experience that is better than the competition. But I agree with many of the posts in here, Microsoft put on a show for bench players, and Sony came with the starting 5, two different shows. Plus, it is easy to criticize Microsoft when Sony is always waiting to go second, to adjust, and never has the guts to go first. When they do, we get a PS3 presentation, and PS 4 Pro reveal. I play on all platforms and own a PS5 day one, but I prefer to play within the Xbox eco-system, because of all the great features and services they offer. Sony reminds me of Apple, who has a way of convincing people they don't need things and don't provide pro-consumer services. Phil, better bring it in July and pivot from this showcasing and needs to make sure no more 5k-modem video quality presentations.
  • I am not sure why no one has commented on your post. However, your post echoes exactly how I feel. MS needs (have always had to) hire a new marketing team. Sony and Apple do it right. MS and Google struggle.
  • That’s kinda the point though. You can still use the current gen. The next gen gives you slightly upgraded graphics (at this point the only thing that would really be an upgrade was real life designs which is unrealistic.), MUCH faster load times, and MUCH better performance. Ever tried playing Minecraft on the Xbox one? With two people it lags like crazy. The Xbox one series x shouldn’t have that problem with the seriously upgraded CPU and the SSD for load times. Then add on top of that the ability to constantly hit 60fps at 4k. So no it’s not that the games aren’t able to run on current gen or that you’d even notice a huge visual upgrade, but there’s so much more to the experience than that at this point.
  • The question is the purchasing arrangement for these games. Do you buy the game once and play anywhere i.e. X1 and Series X or PS4/5 or not?
  • Nothing out of the ordinary for Sony to do that. 🤷‍♂️
  • Honestly, I disagree with most of these comments and agree with the article. To put it bluntly I was incredibly disappointed in the xbox exclusives for the last 4 years. The big dogs have gone downhill like halo, gears etc. Anything else that wasn't an exclusive (not many exclusives at all) mise well play on pc. I've hardly touched my xbox one. Meanwhile sony keeps pumping out exclusives that are rock solid that I cannot play anywhere else. Chances are I will still buy both systems knowing me. But, I've absolutely been leaning towards a ps5 first. Frankly, I'm at the point now where I'm going to have to see it to believe it from microsoft. They've really dropped the ball since the 360.
  • Out of curiosity what exclusives did Sony show? HZ2, GT7, Spiderman and R&C. The first 3 with no release date. So only R&C at launch. Most of the other games are timed exclusive. It really was lacklustre. Especially for launch.
  • Spider-Man is Holiday 2020. So launch or near enough launch.
  • My understanding is what they showed for Spiderman is just a dlc for the current game.
  • That's just DLC. Ratchet and Clank is Insomniacs next game. That's what they been working on since Spiderman.
  • Lol will your lies never stop, Richard?
    It's not a DLC it's a standalone game.
  • I was actually wrong. R&C is not a launch title. And yes Spiderman is a stand alone game. But it's a small expansion of the PS4 game. Using the same engine as the PS4 game with upgrades. It's been confirmed its a smaller expansion to the previous game. Alot of people who have PS4 Spiderman aren't happy it isn't coming to PS4.
  • It's a stand alone game not an expansion and if it's anything like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy then I'll be very happy. Lost Legacy was a brilliant game by itself. If this can also be done on PS4 and they won't release it for PS4 then I'll also be one of the people pissed. I'm not going to be someone who'll rush to buy new hardware just for power, that's not my priority.
  • Yeah it's confirmed it's the PS4 engine. And it's not coming to PS4. It's a stand alone PS5 game. But it will be cheaper than normal. As it's a smaller game hopefully. Odd that that is the only launch title. First party I mean. Not including cutesy indie games.
  • Maybe because it's not that important (see PS4's launch).
    Just like the PS4, they are selling and people will buy seeing the potential of future games based on what they have done in the past.
    History surely backs the potential of the PS5 when it comes to games. Also isn't XB series X going to have zero exclusives at launch? I don't think Sony cares that much to be honest.
  • It was an OK conference. Firstly the PS5 console is 45 cm high. Roughly. That's absolutely massive. The Series X is 30 cm high. Also that bulge on the bottom where the disc goes. That looks terrible. The 2 tone Colour is lovely though. The majority of the games are actually only timed exclusive. The trailers of the games on YouTube say Timed exclusive. Horizon zero dawn looked good. But only in engine cutscene. No gameplay. GT7 didn't look very good in comparison to GT sport. Not much difference really. Odd world and HZ2 was the best of the show. And Odd world is coming to Xbox. I knew Sony wouldn't have much ready for 2020. And only Racthet And Clank will launch with the Console so far. A console that size is crazy. And the price is going to be more expensive than Xbox. Just watch. I can't get over how massive it is. If I was MS I would be very happy with that. Nothing looked amazing in terms of gameplay. 80% is coming to Xbox after a timed deal. And the only game really impressive was HZ2. And that wasnt gameplay but I engine cutscene and no release date. Definately not before Xmas 2021. All this talk of SSD. And nothing was shown made anything seem SSD money was spent wisely. Now over to you MS in July.
  • Sony did well to get their first-party game reveal out before Microsoft, though they're still on an uphill battle after how atrocious their PR has been up until now, with a tiresome tech presentation, extremely limited public-facing showcases and an abysmal backwards compatibility offering. The real question now is how many of the games they've announced will actually be available at launch.
  • In terms of games? yes, in terms of a console design? bloody hell is it ugly.
    It looks like those consoles you get in a crappy sci-fi movie or a video game where gaming is being stupidly self-aware.
  • It's a non-ending battle. Every gadget has ups and downs. Personally, I like PS Exclusive titles but I don't like the PS hardware.
  • To shame? What are you talking about? It's hard to come to this site nowadays for Xbox news. Negative, negative, negative! That was one of the WORST reveals I've ever seen in my 43 years of life. Game's? That's it? That's all they have? BTW, the system is hideous looking!
  • Clickbait article. Shameful.
  • That's for sure
  • Wow! 🤨what a headline, forgotten how xbox intreduced series X at the stage? Damn how ppl forget so fast
  • The internet is fickle.
  • This is what happens when good media like WC listen to bad media like Eurogamer or IGN. Sonys first party games barely had any gameplay. Only R&C did. But Noone will call Sony out on it. If MS have 4 or 5 first party titles at July event with loads of Gameplay I hope WC calls Sony out on their first party showing.
  • 1) It was not just R&C. Watch it again.
    2) They didn't hype gameplay, so ... And 3) did I EVER see you criticised MS for theur lack of FP games in the last so many years? Please post links...
  • 1. OK, I'll rephrase. First party titles that people care about had no gameplay. Astro's Playground isn't lighting up the YouTube viewings. 2. Sony didn't, but the media bashed MS for it when it was 3rd parties and not even MS own studios. 3. Why would I critize MS first party the last couple of years? When I'm smart enough to know increasing studios in 2017 would take time to make games before they would come out. They addressed their Dev portfolio. And now is when that comes to fruition. So from here on out. If MS first party output is low, then I absolutely will hold them accountable. 15 studios is more than enough. And no excuses now. 3.
  • 1) Again, watch the presentation one more time. what people care about and don't is subjective. Are you seriously going to use Youtube's views as an indicator?
    This presentation had around 10 times more views and likes than XB's presentation in just hours. I guess using your logic we know what people care and don't care about.
    2) MS hyped the presentation as "Xbox Series X First Look At Gameplay". They did it to themselves. Look at it again, watch how Greenberg at the start talks about all the gameplay and all. I know you are doing damage control/PR work for MS, but you can't deny that. For once be honest and criticise them...
    3) I'm talking of the drought that XB1 gamers had to face. You've been around for years now. But you never criticised them about their lack of games. Same thing with power. We hear now how power is so important to you. Can you post post where you hyped power and exclusives in the past? Can you show a post where you ever criticised XB about these?
    There is a limit to fanboyism and how much hypocrite one can be. Fanboys are just too obvious...
  • Even Digital Foundry called Sonys event out for the same thing. A serious lack of actual gameplay. Lots of sites have been honest and called Sony out the same way. Lots of in engine cutscenes. Little gameplay outside R&C and Oddworld. In fact R&C was the only actual gameplay demo. Where you physically see a real section of the game. Even over on VGChartz the rating for it was around 6/10. And that's a Predominant Sony site. I'm by no means in the minority on that.
  • Also I only came to WC in about 2015/16 it might have even been early 2017. 2015 I was putting over 1000 hours into Halo 5. So I really don't think I would have been critical of first party when I was playing Halo 5. I am a huge Halo fan. Have been since 2001. And then Gears 4 was 2016. And I also love that franchise and its story. To be honest I've only felt that it's been less since 2017. But I know MS were changing their First party strategy then. So I allowed them time to do that.
  • Also you are a MASSIVE MS/XB fanboy. Doing huge amount of fanboy work. Promoting MS/XB and trash the competition whenever he can. Lying so many times, spreading rumours; doing PR, damage controlling. Never criticising anything... I've seen you doing that for years now. I know what you're all about. There are a lot of people like you on youtube...
    True pure fanboy whose priority is a company or a brand. But I'm not like you. I don't really enjoy fighting console wars with people who worship a company.
    I certainly don't want to waste too much of my time with you, because you see. I'm a gamer. My priority is games not a company.
    Seeing my huge backlog of games, I prefer to spend my time playing games than to discuss with you.
  • Iove you to Guest. Love you to.
  • That reveal was pretty yawn inducing. Demon souls and RE8 was the only thing that caught my attention. And whats with the WAYYYY over design of the Ps5 itself? Maybe it would be cool in 2070?
  • I think the PS5 digital edition looks okay, but ya the console just screams LOOK AT ME, some weird Alienware/router hybrid. I'm not a huge fan as I would prefer it to blend in, hence why I like the XSX design. Games looked decent, but nothing that screamed at me to rush out and buy a PS5 right away. To be fair, neither has the XSX. Either way, both companies have shown some great things for this upcoming generation. All the other fanboy stuff is just noise.
  • I agree, it looks like those pre-built PCs that are advertised to gamers and they are over the top with the "gaming" look.
  • Is that what the PS5 looks like? What is this, 2006?
  • As i used to say Microsoft needs to stop talking and show concrete things.
    Just now they can show some significantly enhanced retrocompatible games just to give a taste of the Power of the XBox Series X.
    Because not only the majority of people are biased toward Sony but Sony seems to have chosen the most effective strategy and does know how to wow the public.
    I really expect that the July Event will show some games which are more impressive than whatever Sony has shown, and let be honest some Sony games were gorgous, or Sony will stomp.
    I am a pro XBox but the UE5 demo and this stream yesterday have lent massive blows to whatever mindshare Microsoft has been building since December.
    Microsoft has been transparent and honest, but sometimes people just need to be blown away and wowed even if it means being lied to.
  • It wasn't a horrible show, but With the exception of ratchet & clank and G7, they did the exact same thing that MS did. Showed a lot of cinematic trailers. Yet they received monumental praise...... And to be brutally honest, the PS5 design looks like someone left a book sitting in a chair and someone sat down on the edge it for an extended period of time and then got up. I'll still get one, depending on what's available at launch. I have money set aside for both new consoles this year.
  • I guess having time to prepare more and learning from their competitors "mistakes" has nothing to do with it. OK!
  • I watched the whole thing, the whole time I was like where is the console. When I saw it, looked dope. MS have lost all their momentum, now its like you spent how many years and came out with a console that looks like a box? Literally, a box. The X1 looks like a VCR, but the 360 looked awesome and the OG xbox just looked beast. MS have a missed opportunity here. I have a day 1 X1, bought a switch couple years ago but will be getting a Ps5, not at launch, maybe when they bring the slim version out, if I can wait that long...
  • How is a box different from a rectangle?? There's a lot of cool engineering that went into Xbox Series X. I'm not saying you have to appreciate it, but don't imply Sony's designs are somehow better.