This new charger fills an Xbox One controller battery in 60 seconds

A company claims it is coming out with a new product that will charge up a standard Xbox One controller in less than a minute. Game console accessory maker Performance Designed Products says its Super Charger will allow gamers to play with the controller for up to 12 hours after just a minute on its charging dock.

IGN has the first word on the Super Charger, along with a quote from PDP's chief technology officer Tom Roberts:

"The Super Charger's unique ability to recharge the Xbox One controller in just seconds reduces interruption in game play sessions – a full recharge during a quick break provides convenience to all gamers,"

Aside from that, and a render of the Super Charger, little else is known about the product and PDP has yet to announce a price or release date. By the limited graphics and information they've released, it appears the Super Charger consists of a charging base and a fast-charging battery module that's slung underneath the standard Xbox One controller. If we had to guess, that module is what's charged up so quickly and it then charges the controller as you use it at a more traditional pace (which is along the lines of around 4 hours).

More information on PDP's Xbox One controller Super Charger is expected to be revealed at CES 2016 next week in Las Vegas.

Source: IGN

John Callaham