SophieLens HD

SophieLens HD, announced and released last month at Nokia World, is the really impressive photo-filter app that just keeps getting better. Today, version is live in the Store and with it comes two new photo filter packs and some fixes requested by users.

First up are the photo filter packs. "Sophia's Sepia" and "Light Leak" are the new packages and we’re really digging “Light Leak” (used above in the lead photo). Simulating light entering the camera, what was once thought to be a hardware flaw in film cameras is now chic in the digital age. Sepia is a more limited series that’s not black and white, but not color either. It’s kind of reddish-brown and follows the technique of enhancing black and white photos (called ‘sepia toning’).

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SophieLens HD new filters

Both packs are available to try, meaning you can see the filter ‘live’, but it will cost $0.99 for each pack to actually snap and save a photo. Considering that the app is free and up until now, the other filter packs have been free, we have no problem coughing up a buck for some extra filters. Of course if you’re happy with your current filter packs, then nothing changes.

Other fixes and changes come in the form of user feedback, mainly the developers have added back filter names and thumbnail previews. That was a slightly annoying “feature” of the last update, though we understand they were trying to go for a more visual, gut-instinct approach to the app. Now, in the latest version you get the names and little preview windows again.

Finally, there are the usual “lots of bug fixes” and promises of more to come from the developer.

SophieLens HD Wiki
"Add a Story" feature in SophieLens, lets you add Wikipedia info to your pic

So why use SophieLens HD over anything else? We’ve always found the filters to be some of the best around, up there with Camera360 and Oggl. They’re just really clean and always make photos a little edgy. Also, the UI is pretty unique and probably the best feature, “Add a Story”, allows you to import Wikipedia info, location data and lots of other really exceptional templates that enhance your photos (see above). It’s a cool app and we’re always glad to see it get better with these updates.

Pick up SophieLens HD for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

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