Special offer for Telstra HD7 purchases

We previously covered Telstra bringing the HD7 to their network, now there is a special offer being ran where should you purchase the HD7 on Telstra you are entitled to either 3000 Microsoft Points or two Xbox 360 games. Though we're not certain what titles are available in this limited offer, Halo:Reach and Kinect Joy Ride are present in the promotional illustration. Fantastic news for our Australian/Kiwis friends!

To be eligible for the above prizes, you must purchase your device before the 31st May, competition doors close on the 6th June. According to Gizmodo, the offer is limited to 5000 prizes and the redemption period is activated on April 13th for which you are required to provide proof of purchase and have a valid Live ID.

Source: Xbox,via: Gizmodo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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