Speed test between HD7 and Radar shows 2nd generation hardware advantage

We understand some folks on T-Mobile are a little miffed about not getting the Titan and instead have to "settle" for the Radar 4G. We disagree a little bit, having handled the Radar and knowing what a svelte device it is.  We also know that these second generation devices have better internal hardware, a faster CPU, newer more powerful GPU and better screens to name a few differences.

In this case, WP7.com.pl has put the HD7 next to the Radar for a side-by-side speed test. While it should be of no surprise that the Radar wins easily, it's still certainly interesting to see the margin of difference. Needless to say, a lot of us will enjoy that extra speed boost that the Radar gives, even if it still only has a 1GHz CPU (but newer build).

Source: WP7.com.pl

Daniel Rubino

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  • Should we file this under the "Duh" category?
  • The if anyone was curious the name of the song is called "Hate to Love" by Alex Sayz F. Evi
  • Now stick that performanc increase, camera and screen upgrade in an HD7 sized Radar. NOW you can call it an upgrade for HD7 owners, reluctance to going down in screen size is understandable.
  • Can I just say that it's insane people are b****ing about a single carrier in a single country? Not a single Mango phone has been announced in many regions.
  • I'd like to see how the 1.5GHz phones (Focus S, Titan, Focus Flash) stack up against the old launch hardware.
  • its only about a second difference and that may be due to the radar being on NAND.
  • A second difference?
  • I understand that technically the Radar is a better phone then the HD7. My issue is with the screen size. Sorry, I don't want to got back to below 4.3in. I don't know if I'm the average user or not. But I use netflix alot on my HD7. As well as web surfing, book reading using the Media Console app(I love being able to download books free from my local library), and comic reading with the DC Comics app. The Titan would have been heaven. I'm still holding out hope that the Nokia Ace will be 4.3in and coming to T-Mobile.
  • I Concur
  • I agree I,dont care if the radar is a tad faster I like the screen size of HD7 getting something with a small screen size for me is not an upgrade.
  • While of course the Radar was faster. The graphics performance was much faster than the HD7 in comparsion to the rest of the tests.
  • This cracks me up. I remember in 2003 everyone making fun of how "huge" my Siemens PPC 2003 phone was. You consumers sure are fickle. In another 2 years it'll probably again be about how small you can make it. I can't wait for the WP9 Nano...
  • Your PPC wasn't streaming Netflix in HD. We live in an HD world now and screen size is everything.
  • Wow, I didn't realize how much of an upgrade the super LCD was over regular LCD. I men when the gpu test was being run, the colors look much better on the Radar.
  • I got this for my wife and she loves it. Had an iPhone previously so the 3.8" screen was an upgrade. Runs really well and better than my Omnia 7. Not everyone wants the huge beast of the screens available so this phone is perfect for her and I recommend it for anyone who doesn't necessarily want a big phone.
  • And I'm now also converted to Super LCD rather than super amoled. Yeah the colours seem brighter and higher contrast on SAMOLED but the colours on SLCD are more natural and are just nicer to look at. Just compare the available theme accent colours and you'll see what I mean. My next phone will be SLCD.
  • I don't see the Radar as an upgrade from my HD7 either. Maybe Tmo will offer a desirable Nokia model.