Spice up your Windows 10 Start Menu with Pin More

Pin More lets you create custom tiles for games, folders, documents, and websites. These fit right in and look as good as many native UWP app's tiles, and better than some of the poorer tiles.

The app does more than just create squares and rectangles that link to your content, it can search through sites or certain games for information to display on the tiles. It then creates a little redirecting app to pin to your Start Menu — it's essentially an app to launch another app.

It's available for $2.99 and also offers a free trial.

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What you can pin

The whole idea with Pin More is to allow you to pin more things to your start menu without it looking like a bland collection of icons. Games from non-Microsoft Store services, documents, and more are no longer restricted to just generic icons with Pin More.


Games alone make using Pin More worth it. You can pin tiles from Steam, Battle.net, and Uplay. In the case of Steam games you can make live tiles that display achievements.

The Windows Store has gained some big name titles over the last few months but many users still use and prefer other gaming platforms. Pin More is a big plus to gamers who want to use their platform of choice but don't want their Start Menu to be ugly.

Pinning tiles for games also lets you get to your games quicker, skipping some steps you'd usually have to go through to launch them.


Documents and folders look terrible when you pin them directly to Start. They don't preview the contents inside and don't even fill out the entire tile. Pin More lets you create custom tiles for any document or folder. You can choose between five photos to cycle between to prevent your Start Menu from growing stale.

As with games, this can save a bit of time as well since you can skip going through the file explorer and jump straight to your content. It's great for if you just need to jump to your folder of memes in as few steps as possible.


Websites are one of the most impressive things that Pin More handles. Not only can you create custom tiles with photos, it can also retrieve content from many websites and cycle through the latest news. In some cases it can grab the lead image from the article as well.

This makes your custom tile appear a lot more like a news app or native UWP app than a static image.

Sharing Tiles

A handy feature Pin More has is the ability to import and export tiles that you've created. You can either use this as a way to backup your custom tiles, perfect for if you need to reset your PC, or share them with friends.

Overall thoughts

Pin More is an easy-to-use and well-designed app. It adds functionality to your PC and also helps your Start Menu look nicer.

Because of how Pin More works — creating apps with pretty Live Tiles to launch other apps that don't have pretty Live Tiles — you're hit with a quick Pin More splash screen on every launch. It's not the best experience, but it's quick enough. In an ideal world you'd set this up and never think about it again.

In the future it would also be nice to be able to add custom tiles for apps where the developer hasn't made tiles to user's preferences.

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