Spider-Man Unlimited update draws it into Marvel's Spider-Verse comics event

The latest update to the free-to-play game Spider-Man Unlimited has reached Windows Phone, and this one has a direct tie-in for Spider-Verse, the big storyline that's currently running in Marvel's Spider-Man family of comic books.

Simply put, Spider-Verse isn't just about Spider-Man but a ton of different incarnations of the web slinger. Here's the change log with what players can expect in the new update:

  • Enter MORLUN and KARN. Rival brothers, vampiric immortals, unimaginably powerful. Survive their "Great Hunt" before they devour every Spider-Man ever!
  • 8 new Spiders, including ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, SILK, and for the first time ever: SPIDER-UK!
  • Experience the Spider-Verse comics, including story tie-ins, characters, and villains, through new NARRATIVE EVENTS! Featuring new events daily, with progressing storylines!
  • Party like it's 2099! Run through dimensions, and experience the futuristic 2099 NEW YORK environment!
  • Snowy NYC environment, for a limited time only!
  • Face off against HYDRO-MAN in special Winter Holiday Events and collect Spidey presents!
  • New Rewards! Win automatic Rank Up cards, Slots, Consumables and Legendary Spider-Men in events!
  • Coming soon: Vote for the next-released Spider-Man from Spider-Verse! (But we're not telling you who… yet!)

QR: Spider-Man Unlimited

Thanks to Izulman, Jackie F., and the many folks that tipped us!

John Callaham