Spoiler Alert is this week's Windows Phone myAppFree Deal

If you are in the mood for a Windows Phone game that is unlike any other platformer you have tried, take a look at Spoiler Alert. You start the game at the very last level of the very last world. When you have completed the final level of game play, you begin playing the game in reverse.

You play the role of a chili pepper who must rescue a captive princess. The game is full of enemies to un-defeat and coins to un-collect. It may sound corny but strangely, Spoiler Alert is a rather challenging platform game.

The game typically runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store and $1.49 in the Windows Store. However, through the myAppFree campaign you can pick up Spoiler Alert free.

Spoiler Alert isn't a very complicated game to pick up. You tap the screen to make your chili pepper jump and his backward movement is automatic. Timing is key because you will have to time your jumps to avoid collecting coins or un-collect them. Just be careful and do not try to collect any coins that were missed when the game was first played.

Spoiler Alert

Reviving the enemies can be a bit tricky. When the game is played moving forward, you would jump on top of an enemy and pound them into the ground. Only their pointy little hat would remain. To revive an enemy, you will have to jump on top of the hat to restore your enemies.

Should you miss any action that will un-do game play, a time paradox will occur that sends you forward in time to try restoring things again. Eventually, you will complete the level of play by reaching the starting point and can move on to the previous level to un-do.

Spoiler Alert is available for both Windows Phone and Windows but is not a universal game. The Windows Phone version normally runs $.99 and the Windows version runs $1.49. However, through the myAppFree campaign you can pick up Spoiler Alert free from both Stores.

It is an odd sort of game that, after tinkering with it for a short time, began to grow on me. While the game may not be everyone's cup of tea, it has the potential of being a decent time waster of a game.

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