Spotify client Spotimo brings native streaming for free users in major update

Spotimo Spotify client
Spotimo Spotify client (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify client Spotimo received a major update this week.
  • The update brings several new features to free Spotify users.
  • The update also includes several redesigns and visual improvements.

Spotify client Spotimo recently received a major update. The update brings the app to version 1.4 and brings a long list of new features. Many features focus on bringing a better experience to free Spotify users, but there are also quite a few improvements to the app in general.

Spotimo is one of the best looking music apps on Windows 10. In our first look at the application, we stated that "Spotimo is a gorgeous take on Spotify music streaming that looks great and doesn't hinder the functionality of listening to music through Spotify." Spotimo is still in beta, so you will run into some bugs, but overall, the app is impressive. Spotimo adds handy features to Spotify, like being able to switch between accounts quickly. It also utilizes Windows 10's design and feature set well, such as context menus for quick actions and Fluent Design elements.

The changelog for Spotimo is rather lengthy, but here are the highlights:

  • Native streaming for free users with the Web Wrapper (Experimental)
    • This is a stripped down version of the Web App that is used only for audio playback. Everything else (images, network requests) gets removed / blocked to keep memory usage as low as possible
  • Free users can now control other devices
  • Player updates automatically and in real time
  • See your song Queue
  • Get song lyrics with a single click
  • Redesigned now playing page
  • Live tile shows what is playing/paused
  • Filter and sort songs in playlists, search, or your library
  • Arist bios now use official data from Spotify, and LastFM as a backup
  • By right-clicking a track, you can now:
  • Add songs to the queue
  • Share songs
  • Start song radios
  • Share YouTube links for songs
  • Refreshed styles for playlist, album, and artist cards
  • The default landing page is now Library, which has been renamed to "My music"
  • You can now see your saved artists
  • Start Artist radios from the context menu and artist page
  • Follow and unfollow artists from the Artist page
  • From now on, every big Spotimo update will have 1 hidden feature that can only be activated by doing a certain thing. When another big update is released, the last easter egg will become a normal feature, and I'll tuck away something new to find.

The app also lists other changes and improvements inside its about section.

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