Spotify client Xpotify gets Live Tile support in the latest update for Windows 10

What you need to know

  • Spotify client Xpotify (opens in new tab) updated to v1.6.
  • Now supports Live Tiles and customization options.
  • Also included are "tablet mode improvements".

Seemingly to prove that Spotify proper can't make a good app for Windows 10, the developer behind Xpotify has released version 1.6 of the free client.

This latest update brings support for Live Tiles with user customization based on preference. While a small update it's important if only to point out that the official Spotify app for Windows 10 does not have a Live Tile (well, a useful one). Based on the cross-platform technology of Electron, the Windows 10 app for Spotify works but tends to lack many Windows 10 features including Fluent Design, or just loading quickly.

Xpotify is made by a single developer named Mahdi Ghiasi and it has quickly become one of our most recommended apps for music fans. The app differs from the official Spotify in that it runs mostly on Spotify's website as it's a Progressive Web App (PWA) with added Universal Windows Platform (UWP) elements like XAML for that striking blurred elements and navigation pane. For fans of the defunct Groove serivce, it feels like a blend between it and Spotify.

Additional features like mini-mode, Cortana commands, and light and dark themes, combined with this recent Live Tile update make it even more enticing.

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As to why Spotify couldn't have just made this app, we have no idea. There is one significant downside though, which is web streaming quality, which is the basis of Xpotify. Currently, it is limited to just to 128kbit/s for free users or 256kbit/s for premium subscribers. That compares negatively to the official client's ability to stream at 160kbit/s for free and 320kbit/s for paying members. Whether that matters to you is a personal preference often dependent on your speaker or headphone setup. Of course, Spotify could probably fix this themselves if they chose.

For more info on Xpotify, you can read our full review. For existing fans, consider dropping $2.99 on the Pro version of the app (opens in new tab), which helps support the developer.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Ummm... Spotify and mainstream development has trashed UWP. It is indeed over! Of course Spotify would want their user experience to be far and above what PWA could deliver. The "Store" (presently constructed) is only for 3rd party developers, and they with hopes of growth and notoriety will not stay there long.
  • Love the app but is anyone else having an issue where after awhile you click on a song link or any clickable link within the app and get no response? The previous and next track buttons usually still work the rest of the interface within the app is basically dead, so you have to relaunch it. It happens about 1/3 of the time for me after about 30 minutes. I am using the free version
  • I am sure Spotify doesn't put effort into their Windows app for the same reason Microsoft stopped with theirs. Engagement is low. The masses aren't consuming music on desktops and loading your MP3 player isn't a thing anymore. There are much more convenient options these days.
  • For me it's the most convenient option. "Hey Cortana, start Deezer. Tune to Radio Bob Gothic Stream" (or something like Play Rammstein).
  • What's more convenient to use if you're already using your PC?
  • Stop crying already
  • Darn. I saw the "Your Library" menu item and was hopeful I could get this to stream our actual music. Nope. Too bad, because I do like the look of the program. It simply doesn't do anything I need.
  • It's high time we get an actual UWP Spotify client
  • Don't hold your breath.