What you need to know

  • Spotify alternative Xpotify has added new features for Cortana integration and theming.
  • You can now issue Cortana commands to play songs, artists, and playlists in Xpotify.
  • The app will now automatically switch themes based on what your Windows theme setting is.

Xpotify has become a favorite alternative to the official Spotify app on Windows 10, and now it's getting even better. The latest update to the app (via Windows United) brings just a couple of new features, but if you're a fan of the app's themes and Cortana commands, you'll really dig it.

The biggest update is the addition of Cortana integration. Now, when you ask Cortana to play artists, albums, playlists, and songs on Spotify, they will be played through Xpotify. You'll have to make sure your Spotify account is connected through Cortana's notebook first, but then you should be good to go. Note that if you have the official Spotify app installed as well, Cortana will prompt you to select which app you want to use as the default for commands going forward.

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Also new in this update is support for switching themes based on your Windows theme settings. Now, if you choose the dark theme in your Windows settings, Xpotify will automatically change to its dark theme. The feature works in reverse as well, using the light theme setting.

Otherwise, you're looking at the usual round of bug fixes present with most updates.

If you haven't used Xpotify yet, you can grab it from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 now. The app not only looks quite a bit better than the official Spotify app, but it adds some Windows 10-specific features like the ability to pin specific artists pages and playlists to your taskbar.

For more, check out our recent Xpotify review.

Stream, listen, enjoy


An attractive and functional way to enjoy Spotify

Xpotify allows you to stream all of your Spotify music and is packed with features including Compact Overlay, Media Bar support, and pinning playlists to the Start Menu.

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