Spotify now sports a Live Tile on Windows 10

Spotify finally hit the Microsoft Store earlier in 2017, but it arrived as a basic port of the standard desktop app using Microsoft's Project Centennial Desktop Bridge. While a solid port, the Microsoft Store version of Spotify lacked one of Windows' signature app features: Live Tiles. With its latest update, however, Spotify has rectified that omission (via Reddit).

The implementation is relatively simple, advertising featured Spotify playlists that you might be interested in. There's currently no option to show what you're currently playing, but the Live Tile is available in different sizes.

Spotify Live Tile

It's a small addition, but one that will likely be welcome from Windows fans, as well as anyone making the move from Groove, which already sported a Live Tile. If you want to check the feature out, you can see it in action by updating to the latest version of Spotify Music from the Microsoft Store. Keep in mind that, if you're currently using the standard desktop Spotify app, installing the Microsoft Store version will replace it.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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