Spotify now sports a Live Tile on Windows 10

Spotify finally hit the Microsoft Store earlier in 2017, but it arrived as a basic port of the standard desktop app using Microsoft's Project Centennial Desktop Bridge. While a solid port, the Microsoft Store version of Spotify lacked one of Windows' signature app features: Live Tiles. With its latest update, however, Spotify has rectified that omission (via Reddit).

The implementation is relatively simple, advertising featured Spotify playlists that you might be interested in. There's currently no option to show what you're currently playing, but the Live Tile is available in different sizes.

Spotify Live Tile

It's a small addition, but one that will likely be welcome from Windows fans, as well as anyone making the move from Groove, which already sported a Live Tile. If you want to check the feature out, you can see it in action by updating to the latest version of Spotify Music from the Microsoft Store. Keep in mind that, if you're currently using the standard desktop Spotify app, installing the Microsoft Store version will replace it.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • My Groove Music live tile has remained static this entire time, despite the live tile feature being activated and through two creator's updates.  Not to mention the fact that, at present, it is my primary desktop music player.  Now, I don't want to tell Microsoft how to do their job, because what would be the value in it?  I just want the author of this article to know that the Groove Music Live Tile is only that in theory for at least one of us.
  • My Groove live tile has been working since day one
  • Yiss
  • So far, it just flips through featured playlists. Hopefully, they decide to make it useful with Now Playing or something like that. At least it looks more interesting than just a static icon. 
  • It is still static. It might show some random info but you cannot interact with it in any way other than opening the app. It is time for Microsoft to make Live Tiles actually useful or change the UI. They are pointless in the current configuration and haven't been a boon to the platform because of it.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well, one update might be the calm before the storm. Let's keep praying.
  • Wen on Windows Mobile?
  • Nice TEAC X-2000 reel to reel there.   Yes, I have one.   Built like a tank, weighs about 60 pounds.  Still works fine.   Nearly $4,000 when new, in 1990 dollars.  
  • @AndyCalling. Actually on Windows Mobile 10, the spotify tile (medium or wide) shows the current playing song (I use spotify daily).
  • Your WM10 Spotify app plays actual SONGS??? Go on with you... You'll be telling me it gets to the end of them without breaking up or crashing next. What I meant was, when will an updated Spotify app that actually works arrive on Windows Mobile. You see, just showing tiles isn't really what I'm after. I'm really more interested in the rest of the app working reliably.
  • I think we both know the answer to that.
  • Don't hold you breath for a mobile update any time soon! I would be very surprised if they ever update the mobile app or develop a UWP app. To get reliability, close all background windows on your phone after pressing and holding the back button. The app works just fine without background windows running (it's a coding issue with the app from what I've read elsewhere).
  • I hate on mobile because it's a ****** PWA. Over this past holiday weekend, I had a really long road trip and it struggled to load because I had no network connection EVEN THOUGH I had previous downloaded all of my playlists for offline use. Luckily I was still able to fall to groove, but the reaper is on my tail.
  • @AndyCalling, Yup, it plays songs without much issues although it's a tad unresponsive but it has only crashed on me once.
  • Useless feature. Does not even show current playing track on the tile. What about InstantGo support?
  • Neat. Too bad it's just a centennial app, and the mobile app is a horrid pwa 😭 I want groove back.
  • Can anyone tell me, with Spotify, and only having a free, and not premium account, how in hades do I play the music I have on my SD card?
  • @redevall, not with Spotify, but for existing music you own, stick with Groove.
  • Use the groove app.. you can also upload your music to you onedrive and place it in the music folder. You can stream whatever songs you have in that music folder using groove so it wont take up space on your SD, if you have poor connect. Just keep it on your SD card. 
  • That's a step. Keep it up.
  • Sweet!
  • I noticed recently that it seems to support playback in connected standby now? certainly while the display is turned off.
  • Spotify is such a bit of garbage software. Doesn't matter platform, it's *****. Library management, handling of offline tracks, search are all pathetic. I tried it, hated it. Got more hope for Deezer. App barebones but I think will be built on. Spotify customer service is crap.
    Might come back if they do a complete rebuild. Not holding my breath.
  • big deal. where's the UWP?
  • That's good and all, since any app should have a live tile by default, IMHO.  But I have no use for Spotify.  I don't like streaming services since NONE of them can stream the way I want music streamed and I can't buy music through it..  Groove still lets me access my OneDrive music.  I have yet to find a service that I can stomach that I can buy music through now that the Microsoft Store is dead.
  • If it's not secret, what exactly is the way you want your music streamed? I guess you're some kind a special snowflake
  • My Groove tile got stuck once. I just unpinned & repinned. Has worked perfectly ever since. Spotify just really is horrible.