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Spotify Wrapped recaps your 2018 music habits

Spotify has kicked off its annual "2018 Wrapped" campaign, rounding up its past year of user listening trends into a stylish webpage. Tapping into your personal Spotify data, the service rounds up easily digestible statistics, with social integration to share among friends. Spotify Wrapped just went live ahead of the holidays, now serving up the best (and worst) of your 2018 music habits.

For your breakdown, Spotify Premium subscribers can visit the 2018 Wrapped site, logging in with account credentials. The 11-slide summary highlights top tracks, artists, and genres, alongside other prominent trends from using the service. From minutes listened, to common star signs among top artists, there's something for everyone. You'll also receive tailored playlists throughout, and graphic condensing your results in a shareable format.

Spotify Wrapped has become a top end-of-year event, breaking down an activity heavy rooted in daily life. Hey, you might even learn something new – or embarrassing – about yourself in the process. To check your Spotify trends, head to and follow the on-screen steps.

Don't forget to share your personalized music statistics in the comments section below.

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  • When it says "for XX% of that time you were using your voice device" does that mean they're listening to me singing along? If it does, it's creepy but probably accurate that it was 1% of the time for me.
  • I'm prettyyy sure that's use with voice assistants, as I often play via my Echo
  • I listen to Spotify 99% of the time on my PC! Now THAT'S saying something ;)
  • It just said that I increased my listening by 96%, which makes sense since this was the first year I was able to play it in my car and I do it everyday essentially. I got 19,680 minutes. My top artists were exactly what I expected them to be but the top artist was a surprise. I'm looking forward to checking out my top 100.