Spotify '2017 Wrapped' recaps your year in digital music

Groove Music and Spotify
Groove Music and Spotify (Image credit: Windows Central)

Earlier this year Microsoft announced it would be shutting down the streaming and purchasing components of its Groove Music service. Failing to gain traction over rivals, a partnership with Spotify was announced, offering tools to seamlessly transition to the third-party service. With apps available across each of Microsoft's core platforms, Spotify is now being positioned as an ideal service for those invested in the Windows ecosystem.

Concluding the year, Spotify has released its annual "2017 Wrapped" breakdown, allowing users to look back over their past 12 months with the service. Diving into your Spotify data, the service breaks down your top artists, songs, and genres of the year, providing an interesting (and somewhat enlightening) trip through a year of music.

After signing in, you'll be quizzed on your personal listening habits, before your answers are compared to actual listening history. The site also references your genres choices against worldwide data, comparing your age to the average fellow listeners. You'll be provided with playlists across the way too, condensing your top 100 tracks and trending songs into a personalized format. Finally, the experience wraps up with a smart little graphic, summarizing your results in a shareable format.

While a simple concept on the surface, Wrapped provides an interesting dive into a medium so ingrained into many of our lives. Hey, you might even learn something about yourself in the process. To have a look at your Spotify trends, go to and follow the on-screen steps.

What are your music trends of 2017? Come join us in sharing our music statistics in the comments!

Matt Brown

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  • I found this really interesting. Somehow I missed my favorite song and my favorite genre (lol), but it was cool to see that my favorite artists are reflected in my listenings. There was one surprise for me but the rest were on the money. I was amused by the average age, apparently I'm a little younger than the average listener of my top genres of music. I enjoyed seeing the results and the test. The playlist is a lot of fun too.
  • Wow, this is great. I came a little late from Groove Music, so my numbers were a bit on the low end. Listening to my top 100 now. Got 3/3 on the quiz... apparently I really love Slowdive. @libra89 I was a few years younger than the average listener of my favorite genres too.
  • Hey, I love Slowdive too!!
  • If only Spotify wasn't a buggy mess on my Idol 4S.
  • Not enjoying Spotify one bit. With no options to block explicit content and ability to chose what content you see on the homepage is kinda disappointing.
  • I don't do streaming, I always buy the music I like
  • Spotify could use a uwp makeover. The project centennial app has an old and slow UI that is not nice to use. It's the least Microsoft could do to help bridge the loss of Groove.