Sprint boasts almost 1 million new subscribers in preliminary Q3 2014 report

Sprint today released preliminary results from the third fiscal quarter of 2014, showing the company acquiring almost 1 million new subscribers. Reported growth was driven by the strongest postpaid gross additions in three years, painting a positive picture for the US network.

The 967,000 new customers reported by Sprint included 30,000 postpaid, 410,000 prepaid and 527,000 wholesale net additions. The network has attempted numerous campaigns to attract new customers to the company, including the Cut Your Bill in Half event, which seem to be paying off to some degree.

Sprint will publish its full financial results for Q3 2014 in February.

Source: Sprint

Rich Edmonds
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  • ​every network operator is boasting increase in subscriptions to their network. So I guess the population is growing with such a rate.
  • Where are the windows phones everyone is pushing iphones or android i guess thats where the money is.
  • Not Cricket. So not everyone.
  • Has anyone seen my keys?
  • Yea their over there.
  • Lol
  • Hopefully with the Lumia 635 coming out on the 16th of this month, it will bring a few more people in or entice some to stay. I'll be getting one as a backup phone to my ATIV S Neo, and I hope a higher end phone comes soon, but maybe they're waiting for the Windows 10 launch!
  • "We got 1-million new subscribers in 2014! Sure, we had to pay them to signup and they'll probably become churn when they realize how crappy the service is but hey, we got 1-million new subscribers!"
  • Hilarious....but true.
  • A whole 30K of them are postpaid. Wow. Cue the violins,
  • ROTFL. Exactly right n7sic. lol.
  • Why wont sprint just die already? While they are growing in faster coverage speeds, their coverage still sucks. They have no plans to sell any windows phones, while almost every other carrier has at least 1 or 2 good WP to buy. You'd think that they would offer wp, if they want more subscribers, but yet they ignore their potential clientele. Shall I go on? Smh
  • No plans to sell Windows Phone when the Lumia 635 starts selling next week, while it has been available on Boost and Virgin Mobile just before Christmas? #Trollfail
  • I feel bad for almost 1 million people.
  • Yeah me too. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Wow, so much Sprint hate ha, I personally love them!
  • You personally love them?  Well now.   :)
  • Sprint:  We Gained 1 million!!!   Sprint: We lost 2 million.  LOL.
  • Thats 1M more people who will be suffering from dropped calls.
  • Is sprint not a good service :o ?