Sprint Touch Pro 2 looking unlikely before mid-September

One of the biggest question burning up the comments and the forums is "When can I get the Touch Pro 2?!?!?!?"

Aside from T-Mobile's announced Aug. 12 release, we're still left guessing when Verizon and Sprint will get theirs out the door. (And other than that leaked render, we haven't seen anything else from AT&T.) We're hearing rumors of a September launch for Sprint (rumors only, folks), and we're now seeing a little evidence that shows we shouldn't expect it before then.

PPCGeeks users Godzson and and Major Nate are shepherding a thread with the Sprint playbook, which most notably has a slew of rebate information. Absent from that playbook is any mention of the Touch Pro 2 (or any other new Windows phone, for that matter).

The playbook is dated July 12-Sept. 7, so it's not looking likely that we'll see anything new before then.

That said, Sprint (and the other carriers) could announce any phone they want at any given time. And if they decided to do so sooner rather than later, well, we'd be just fine with that.

Phil Nickinson

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