Sprint Touch Pro 2 looking unlikely before mid-September

One of the biggest question burning up the comments and the forums is "When can I get the Touch Pro 2?!?!?!?"

Aside from T-Mobile's announced Aug. 12 release, we're still left guessing when Verizon and Sprint will get theirs out the door. (And other than that leaked render, we haven't seen anything else from AT&T.) We're hearing rumors of a September launch for Sprint (rumors only, folks), and we're now seeing a little evidence that shows we shouldn't expect it before then.

PPCGeeks users Godzson and and Major Nate are shepherding a thread with the Sprint playbook, which most notably has a slew of rebate information. Absent from that playbook is any mention of the Touch Pro 2 (or any other new Windows phone, for that matter).

The playbook is dated July 12-Sept. 7, so it's not looking likely that we'll see anything new before then.

That said, Sprint (and the other carriers) could announce any phone they want at any given time. And if they decided to do so sooner rather than later, well, we'd be just fine with that.

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  • Wouldn't this just mean that if it is to launch on or about Aug 12 on Sprint that it wouldn't have a rebate or discount?
  • Has Sprint EVER launched a phone without a rebate or discount?
  • How about the Diamond 2?? No new Windows Phones period? Man Sprint, way to dig your own grave..
  • While nothing is confirmed, HTC has a model number for the Diamond 2, for Sprint. Check this WMExperts page. It also has the link for the PPCGeeks forum post. http://www.wmexperts.com/evidence-points-toward-touch-diamond-2-sprint
  • A Sprint Business Rep just left our office, and she called her upper management and this was her response... "The Touch Pro 2 will launch in September and Sprint is not ordering The Touch Diamond 2." She didn't say when in Sept. though. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this phone too. My Mogul can't take too much more action.
  • I can't wait either - my Mogul is starting to crap out big time. So much that I am actually considering the Crackberry Tour =X
  • as far i heard from my buddy at sprint is that the tp2 will be around sept25 and the diamond is going to get replaced with the hero in oct.
  • It's "shepherding", not shephearding"
  • Yet I spell Godzson correctly. Go figure. :/ OTOH, I've figured out our next giveaway. "Spot Phil's Typo(s)!" aka "Free Editing!"
  • Wouldn't that be sheepherding?
  • i swear if t-mobile had a 29.99 plan with free nights and weekends i would had jump over to t-mobile a month ago. why did sprint have to be a cdma company. we are always the last one to get great phones, but the rumor is september 6th for the tp2. those rebates are vaid to 9.7.9. also whats to stop bestbuy from starting to sell a contract free version. i dont think i can wait any longer then that for the touch pro2. at least with t-mobile ill pay more but have freedom of choice of any phone in the world. i just dont get sprint, wheather its cancelling customers contract because they complain too much or offering ridiculous sero plans to crappy customer service. "WE DON'T LIKE THE PALM PRE SPRINT!"
  • Actually I ike the Palm Pre and I am sure many othrs do too. I just don't use my phone enough to justify paying more then I do with Sprint. Sprint gives you better and cheaper service then you will get on any other Network. Yes i wis they got better phones quicker but I wil wait for the Touch Pro 2 or whatever other phone I can get under my ridiculously cheap SERO plan.
  • Who cares, this is the playbook for lower management (stated clearly in that same thread). Meaning a release before Sep hasn't been confirmed, but could change at any moment. You think they would leak a real release date to everybody in the lower half of the tree? No, they make them wait just like us. That's why salesman have no clue what is going on.
  • Hey guys I was wondering if the touch pro 2 will be avalible on other sprint plans cause I so not have an everything or data plan I have the messaging plan and I was wondering if the touch pro 2 will be avalible on that plan. I really need this question to be answered because I'm way over due for an upgrade and I don't want to wait till it comes out to find out what the plan requirements are. If somebody can please answer this? Greatly appreciated. Thanks you.
  • Pretty sure you can buy it on any plan, but if I've read it correctly, the $100 rebate only applies to phones purchased with a data plan.
  • Matt, If you try to get the phone from Sprint on a rebate plan, it will only apply with a recommended plan. A recommended plan being the everything plan. However, if you paid the full price on the phone with no rebates, I believe they will let you use whatever plan you have. At least, that's what the case was on the TP I have.
  • Until any US carrier will actually release the damn thing....it will be OLD news.
    Why do US carriers always take 6 months to release a phone?
    I am not even mentioning at&t that because of the iPhone will never release any normal winmo device in a timely manner.
  • Thanks a bunch shaun. So all i have to do is pay full retail price? with no rebates or anything? and if someone can post the best website about this phone? thanks alot guys.
  • the image of "the playbook" above is most likely just a weekly update. look at the date at the bottom of the page "JULY 29, 2009", and represents what the people working at the sprint stores know. that's all. when you go into a dealer and ask the employees "so when are you getting the tp2" what do they say? "we'll know a week before it's released". the reason the date at the top of the page ends at "09/07/09" is so the employees know what rebates are expiring through 09/07/09. sprint is expected to release the Samsung Reclaim SCH-M560 around august 16, 2009. that phone isn't on the list either. the only thing the image above tells us is the the tp2 isn't coming out within the next week.
  • I would not be surprised if a Everything plan is required, or similar plan like Blackberry plans. The old SERO plan as we know it isn't even offered anymore.
  • I have been with sprint for 8 YEARS and I will tell you that if they don't release the Touch Pro 2 on or before August 12 I am leaving them for T-mobile. They can kiss my ass good bye, if they want to be pointlessly slow and lose long term loyal customers then they are welcome to. Maybe T-mobile with give loyal customers rebates, sprint just offers new customer pricing......so wait a second he comes along outa the blue and gets off what I get off when I'v been with you for 8 YEARS?!?!?!?! FUCK YOU
  • @Alex: get some professional help, seriously. You're going to trigger a Homeland Security response spewing nastiness like that.
  • A Sprint Business Rep just left our office, and she called her upper management and this was her response... "The Touch Pro 2 will launch in September and Sprint is not ordering The Touch Diamond 2." She didn't say when in Sept. though. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this phone too. My Mogul can't take too much more action.
  • well you ugys cant complain cause it doesnt look like verizon will get it before sprint does
  • I hope release is soon. I plan on getting a touch pro for my kid on ebay and the prices will drop from $200 to $125 or so when the Pro 2 comes out.
  • tp2 will be released around sept 25th and the diamond is getting replaced with the hero..
  • I really want to ditch Windows Mobile but along came the Palm Pre and Sprint said, sorry, an everything data or simply everything plan is required. Buzzz...I am not changing my awesome monthly deal with Sprint and no it is NOT SERO. The Touch Pro 2 may come in September but guess what...it uses Windows Mobile...yuck!!! Finally, a different choice has risen...the HTC Hero with Android...FINALLY a different choice, but I hope it is not going to be locked down to a everything data or simply everything plan. I have never seen HTC phones with that plan requirement so maybe HTC does not allow it since it would potentially limit their sales. Sprint please give us the HTC Hero with no plan requirements...please!!!
  • I got my phone just now, you must call though until the 8th!