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Sprint Touch Pro 2 spotted, may drop mid-June

We've been hands-on with the unbranded HTC Touch Pro 2. We've seen it with T-Mobile markings. And now we're seeing it in its Sprint CDMA finest. User bigchico68 over at SprintUsers [via Engadget] got some time with it during an in-store demo. He says it should be available in mid-June, and says the Snap is on for July (that doesn't quite add up with what we've previously heard, but these things happen).

Not sure about the color scheme on the keyboard — the stock HTC look is much sexier, IOHO. But to each his own.

Couple of more pics after the break, including a new look at the back case.

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  • I don't mind the keyboard colors nearly as much as the back. What were they thinking? Looks like a major dust collector to me.
  • lol. doubles as a vacuum maybe?
  • I can't wait till this phone comes
  • Dudeeeee... Is that screen farther back when tilted? It almost looks like the screen isn't covering up the top row of keys as much as it did before. I likeee
  • I think it's just the angle from which they took the photo...but I would love to be proven wrong.
  • Forget the Pre, if I were to switch to Sprint, it would be for this!! Verizon should have it by October 2010. Joy.
  • haha...too true. verizon will announce it with 150 MB of RAM 2 yrs late and then wonder why none of them sell.....LOL.
  • I guess this will be my next phone instead of the pre.
  • When was the original touch pro released? Isn't this a bit soon? (e.g. well short of a year?)
  • I hope those time lines are right!!!
  • Are you Effin Kidding me! that back plate totally rocks! Very retro! i think a lot of people would agree with me!
  • Oh Great. Another crappy battery cover from Sprint.
    Come on, matt charcoal PLEASE
  • Forgive my ignorance...what are the memory specs on the tp2? Middle of June would be sweet...pre for the wifey, tp2 for me!
  • 512MB ROM/288MB RAM.
  • Thanks Phil! Looking forward to this...glad I didn't jump on the TP1.
  • How long before this gets 6.5?
    I want the Pre, but nothing can touch WinMo hardware
  • 6.5 isn't even out yet, but all buzz on TP2 is that it will be released with the ability to upgrade (for free) to 6.5 when it does release.
  • Oh god please don't let the back stay like that. I really liked the clean look of the unlocked one. I'm also not really a fan of the colors of this sprint one either, but it's not too bad. Maybe I'm just too used to seeing their unlocked demo version.
  • That back plate looks perfect when compared to the crap T-Mobile did to their TP2. Really, who wants a professional phone thats flat black and brown?
  • am i right or what but is the back cover supposed to be like that for better speaker quality.... what ever the reason for the little holes are i like it!
  • i'm really curious to what colors att is going to sporting. i'd much rather see a black toned phone then something that is silver like the htc unlocked version.
  • Does anybody know when the tp2 is coming to AT&T?
  • Why would ATT need it/want it?
  • Aloha, Screw AT&T, they suck! And see what they did to the phone, red keyboard, you got to be shitting me. I am done with them, As soon as this comes out, wife gets pre, I'll get this one - Bye Bye AT&T!!!! Over charge anyway, better check your bill ... Don't like the back cover either, but hundred time better what At&T is producing. Cannot wait to get this one ... The Dark Lord
  • space bar is tiny!
  • It looks bigger than the TP space bar. Or the same proportionally to the other keys.
  • Hmm one thing I noticed between the TP and the TP2 is the keyboard although the buttons on the TP are smaller it has more buttons like Tab, Ctrl etc that the TP2 seems to be lacking. I hate the fact that although the TP hit Sprint in what November - Decemeber its already being replaced. With the only differences being the bigger Screen Size and the TouchFlo upgrade but the hardware is the exact same no upgrades from the TP. Still on the fence :-/
  • Are you kidding me? Big changes in hardware. 3.6" screen, larger keyboard with keys offset, tilt screen, larger and better quality speaker phone, conference call capabilities, improved Touch Flo 3D, larger battery, higher resolution, zoom bar, no d-pad. I think this phone is a huge improvement over the Touch Pro. I hope it gets better battery life.
  • When will ATT get the phone?
  • I'm holding out for the Sprint HTC Touch Diamond 2
  • Don't hold your breath on the Diamond 2 with sprint. The diamond phone barely sold, compared to the TP, and there are no immediate plans to carry this phone, unlike all the buzz you hear about the TP2 being on sprint. The TP2 does have the software keyboard, just like the Diamond had, so it's kind of a wash.
  • Way to go Sprint!!!!!! I was going to get the Pre on the 6th, but may hold off now...... I haven't found any direct comparrisons/ preliminary reviews of these two phones yet.... I sure they will come. Too bad webos can't be ported to this phone to have the best of both worlds. Very undecided now.
  • I like the look of the demo better as well, but I'm excited about the phone. I like the original pro. Windows mobile rules. I'm not as tech savvy as my brother, but he showed me some unbelievable things these phones can now do. I would love to play around with the pre to see what it does, but I think I've made up my mind here for the pro 2.
  • Why does everyone continue to complain about Verizon releasing devices after this carrier or that carrier??? Has anyone ever heard of exclusivity agreements??? Could it be possible that Sprint has a limited exclusivity on HTC devices, considering nearly every HTC device that comes to Sprint is out on Verizon within 3ish months? Quit your Sprint fanboy talk, and look at this image:
  • Because typically a part of that delay is so VZW has time to take the phone into the back room and beat on it till it's brain damaged. They lower the memory, lock down the GPS, etc.
  • That picture is weak. All VZW phones are locked down and I would never go with a PDA from Verizon.Expensive plans that you can't do anything with!
  • When will the tp2 for sprint coming out? I want to get the the phone and up for an upgrade soon.
  • Here is the email I got today from Sprint Rep: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am glad to assist you. The Estimated Launch Date for the HTC Touch Pro-2 is September 08, 2009.
  • I would much rather have the orange/black color scheme than yellow/black..although it does look at&t-ish..whatever it is still a sick phone
  • Fugly back plate. Still loves the HTC hardware though!
  • I want to really like this phone but I have the original Sprint Touch Pro and I HATE it, can't wait until July to get rid of it and move on. Part of it is Windows Mobile 6.1 and its crazy inconsistencies, but mainly the HTC hardware, as pretty as it looks, sucks. The keyboard (which I love the feel of) is just too laggy with most applications, and sometimes it will take a few minutes for it to be recognized, other times it just stops working for a minute or two in mid sentence! It looks like the processor will be the same in the Touch Pro 2 and that's not good, because it can barely keep up with things now on the current phone. I've tried reloading from scratch several times, tried different launchers (currently using Mobile Shell 3), and while overall the phone is "pretty", its just too frustrating to use on a daily basis due to its slowness.
  • I currently have the HTC TOUCH PRO and I LUV it. i've never had problems w/either the phone or Sprint. I was checking out TP2 but may stay w/1. i like the tilt screen and bigger screen but keyboard has more keys on it.
    I wouldn't mind the back of TP2 if the sound is better. You go HTC for producing an amazing phone!
  • THIS is my new phone. It will replace a Mogul, that was really nice in summer 2007 but now seems like an antique.
  • Ditto
  • Has anyone heard or read any updates on an alleged release timeframe? Jay (posted on the 20th) brought up something I hadn't realized: the Ctrl and Tab keys are missing from the keyboard. Admittedly, I never used the Ctrl key on my Touch Pro - I'm so used to touching the screen and bringing up the context menu! But, while it's pretty neat to be able to format text or Cut, Copy & Paste via the Ctrl key, I think it's the Tab key that I will miss more on the Touch Pro 2. I use the HECK out of that key, particularly when filling out things in a browser, and some other apps (such as Spb Finance). Not a dealbreaker - I think the spread between the keys is a worthwhile trade. I can fly pretty good on my TP, but if there was more spacing between the letters (as on the TP2), I think I would be even more accurate. So it will be back to touching the screen to move from field to field, but I can deal with that...
  • Got this from Sprint Rep today: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am glad to assist you. The Estimated Launch Date for the HTC Touch Pro-2 is September 08, 2009.
  • I'm looking forward to the TP2 but I have two things that are still bugging me
    1) No flashlight (very useful under dark desks)
    2) No Control key I use ctrl c and ctrl v for copy and paste often. I hope that the 8 less keys is worth the trade off in usability.
  • The current rebate on the Touch Pro ends on June 16. Perhaps that's a clue on the 2's release date.
  • How did you end up getting it for $50? I have the mogul AND full on insurance & the sales rep didn't mention any of that to me :(
  • I got the touch pro at love price through sprins insurance. I paid only 50 dollars beacause i had the mogul, so really i cant complain about the phone. Although i makes me mad there already coming out with a new one so we will see.Honestly i would like to try the palm pre, compairing how open source is to the t-mobile G1 android. Overal im happy
  • How did you end up getting it for $50? I have the mogul AND full on insurance & the sales rep didn't mention any of that to me :(
  • Hi, Well I went to the sprint store to check out the
    palm pre and well I am not sure about it...its ok I guess...
    they were sold out... The HTC TP2 looks awesome... I asked the sprint guy working there about the TP2 and he said June 18th... don't know how he new...he said he was a big cell phone geek... We will see what happens...
  • Check out this in-depth review of HTC's Touch Pro2
  • Does this phone have the video chat camera on the front like the rest of the TP2's, cause i dont see it and that would be dumb of sprint to take it off?
  • The back is ugly!! Who wants to lay their phone face down to use the speaker phone, scratches! Also a little backwards with the camera not having a flash.
    Where is the magnetic stylus? Where is voice command?
    Where is the dpad? Where is the camera button? How can you use all touch for the camera? So it has a nice screen and keyboard and a fancy speaker setup. It's a brick of a phone and who would want that in their pocket, it would not fit?
  • When was the original touch pro released? Isn't this a bit soon? (e.g. well short of a year?) zero4file
  • what the hell happened to the VGA camara on the front. i wonder what they were thinking when they took it off. then again not many phones of that feature so you would probably use it anyway. still want it back though just in case....
  • The Touch Pro was released August 26th 2008. I actually got it a day early through Best Buy.
  • Cost anybody??? i can deal with $300 bucks , heck, maybe even $350- $400 but i can't go higher for this , i'll get grab me the Pre , or even the Snap :/
  • Damm why does sprint have to change the look of the phone and look at the back it looks terrible. Why can it look like the European version with the metal shiny on the sides and silver to tone black on the back. Just keep it the same look. Yes I will get this phone has this phone will destroy the crappy Iphone 3GS. Also was thinking changing the back cover with the touch pro 2 european version has size and phone are all same size so it should fit fine. Again the back of the phone is ugly. should have kept the same look of the phone.
  • Sprint took off video chat camera on the front like the rest of the TP2's, because most phones in United States don't have Video Chat capability yet. Mostly Europe and Asia Markets have the capability to use video chat and that is why most of the HTC Touch Pro 2 have it on there European phones. Yes I wish Sprint did not take off the front Camera lens has sooner or later United States will have that capability to do video chat. In all this is a real killer phone and also yes beats new Iphone 3Gs has look at the Iphone new features has my old HTC phone has those features for 2 yrs now and now Iphone suddenly gets video? and voice prompt? again buying the HTC Touch Pro 2 will not be a dissapointment. I wonder hpw the Diamond 2 will look for Sprint?
  • Everyone I found a great looking back battery cover which is black color. Once I get my hands on this HTC Touch Pro 2 I will buy the new battery cover. Goto this link check it out. Way more better looking.
    What does anyone think of the black cover? compare to the Sprint backcover?
  • That cover appears to be for the European and GSM versions of the phone and may not fit the Sprint version which requires the wider cut-out for the mini USB and 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • that back cover will not fit with sprint phones meaning the bottom 3.5 mm mic will be blocked. So it not right type.
  • If you did what you said then you have a new cover now for your TP2. You want to make your money back on it by selling me your Sprint Back Battery cover?? hit me up.
  • Sweet...I might have to buy me one of those covers if I don't like the Sprint back in person. Any news on the Sprint Release?
  • I hope this phone comes out soon, I reaaly hate the iphone more so cuz of most of my friends always bragging about how great it is. R.I.P. MJ
  • Oh dear god... who took a crap on that back cover? When will they learn? Don't they use focus groups?
  • Now is July already. Still not out. Any more inside info?
  • So this is the exact model of the HTC diamond touch 2?
  • This is soooooo going to be my new phone, the HTP2. Just like the long lines at the new Transformer movie, I will be standing in line when the clerks at Sprint have the new demo. I know this is the one for me, but want to see it do it's thing. HEY HTC; Please change that back cover or Sprint or whoever. Keep it sleek and clean. Thank you. Oh yeah, if you'd like to make 2-tone phone covers that would be cool also; I'll take mine in red/black or pink/black; neon green/black would be cool too.
  • I heard that the release date is going to be july 20th and 25th. somewhwere around there. I hope they put the VGA camera back on.
  • Yeah well see. So far had the mogul and now the touch pro. The touch pro was not worth the upgrade it has almost as many problems and runs like crap. almost as slow as the mogul. I wont hold my breath on this one.
  • Mid June release date huh? i should light a match to the author. lol Anyway I am glad to see a sighting but can this phone come out already? Has anyone heard....well ANYTHING? I was talked into buying the Instinct June 08 and turned in my Mogul for it. I know. Pretty stupid right? But I am soooo waiting on this phone. My business DEPENDS ON IT! So I guess I'll keep twiddling my thumbs waiting for it.
  • i work with one of the sprint vendor, and dont have any information yet about the touch pro 2. we dont know when will it release in the market.
  • No advocates, no advocates even asked, no material nothing on internal intranet, all signs point to October earliest.
  • "ALL" I can say is that the aesthetics of the European version "ROCKS", it has a very SEXY, "CLEAN" business look; especially for us in the corporate world. The one pictured above looks "too" industrial; hmmmm, maybe it's the military version (Nooooot) ! I recently sent my Pre back just to wait for this phone to come out, however if it comes out looking like it does above "FORGET it"; I'll be going back to the Pre. PLAIN and simple, SPRINT WE hope you're listening.
  • If you sent your Pre back within 30 days you are the customer Sprint DOESN'T want, so why should they listen to you?
  • October? Are you kidding??? Everyone was saying June and I have been holding onto my crappy mogul just to wait for this phone. If this phone doesn't come out soon I am firing Sprint and getting an iphone. I had a ppc 6700 before that was a great phone but wanted the 6800. Switched to Sprint and have had the worst cell phone experiences ever! Screens have cracked just sitting in an empty front pocket, Missed calls, and don't get me started on software issues. Thing locks up more than a maximum security prison! Oh and it is crap that you cannot send picture messages! Seriously, I am this close to buying my way out of my contract and switching to AT&T!
  • They made a Picture mail app... Man up good lord.
  • Does ANYBODY know when this will come out? It is now going to be AUG of 2009 and this phone has yet to come out for sprint. I currently have the HTC Touch Pro and this phone is so awesome that I would have trouble switching to a different type of phone (besides maybe a blackberry). People have made too big of a deal in the States of the iPhone and this definitely is a good option over the iPhone. I hate the back cover but will be replacing it soon as I get it with the original back cover :)
  • From what I read on the Sprintuser forums, the official date is Sept. 6th according to all sources. There has not been an actual official announcement though, so some folks are still hoping for earlier (me included!) while some are saying "no way, it won't be until _."
  • Any idea if we will be able to use it on an existing SERO plan?
  • The TP2 uses an older cpu than the TP.
  • have u tryed it? its the big screen like the iphone!!lol
  • Ok, First of all, the new TP2 uses an over two year old cpu.
    TP uses msm7501a released in 2008, TP2 uses a msm7600 released in early 2007.
    It has no flash, no dpad, and the keyboard is missing a few keys. Also, the back cover is ugly.
    Why would you place your phone face down to use the speakerphone? That is sure to scratch the screen.
    The phone is way too big for your pocket or a phone case.
    Why didn't HTC use a newer cpu for a newer phone?
    Why not put a flash and better camera, since it is a new phone.
    Why is this phone being released so soon after the first one?
    Why has Sprint not fixed the first TP? I'll stick with what I have and be happy. There is always going to be something better, but I like to keep what I have and wear it out first.
  • The color is awful! I heard the phone will have a much better battery so that's good. I can't believe no one standing there said: Psst. Hey. That's ugly as hell!
  • I've had my HTC TP2 with Sprint for two weeks. I traded in a non-functioning PalmPre that was the initial phone on my contract that I had for three weeks. On the HTC I've been back to four service locations and none of them can get the phone to work for more than a two days. They keep telling me battery issues are the problem but they have replaced the battery three times now. If a phone cannot function on 80% battery then there is a larger issue at hand with the unit. The tilt feature keyboard is easy to hold and the keys are easy to type upon. The speaker phone is one of the best I have ever experienced. Camera is ok, but it is a phone, not a high res digital camera. I like the HOME screen option to keep my most used buttons available but so far I am not getting much use with this feature either. If the Sprint service people can ever get this phone to work for me more than a few hours then I think I will really like it...until then it has become a very expensive paperweight with an expensive service contract that does not even let me make a call...the phone won't get past a black screen unless I call it from my AT&T mobile to wake it up...then don't let the screen go dark again or you will loose the functions. Until this gets fixed I am hanging onto my AT&T contract...with my 3 year old PalmTreo 750 ...that still works fanstastic except for the software is still running WOS 5.0 and is slower than sin on the internet. BUT it will still make a phone call!!!!
  • Does ANYBODY know when this will come out? It is now going to be AUG of 2009 and this phone has yet to come out for sprint. I currently have the HTC Touch Pro and this phone is so awesome that I would have trouble switching to a scrub m65different type of phone (besides maybe a blackberry). People have made too big of a deal in the States of the iPhone and this definitely is a good option over the iPhone. I hate the back cover but will be replacing it soon as I get it with the original back cover :)