Sprint Touch Pro 2 Tutorials

Need something to pass the time while you wait for the Sprint Touch Pro 2 to be released? Sprint may have just what you need over on their support pages. Sprint has added tutorials and instructional videos for the Touch Pro 2 on their website's support page.

The tutorials range in topic from installing and charging the battery to setting up your email accounts. The videos offer a broad overview of the Touch Pro 2 as well as more specific instructions on the GPS system, Touchflo 3D and other features on the Touch Pro 2. Sprint also makes available the Touch Pro 2's User Guide for those in need of some light reading.

George Ponder

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  • It is out they are taking orders now
  • Yes. A lot of people have already had them delivered today. Mine was unfortunately changed to ground by UPS so its sitting in the local warehouse waiting for Tuesday delivery.
  • I got mine today but haven't messed with it yet. Headed to the Sprint store now to get my contacts transferred.
  • Why don't you use spb backup? It has a free trial that fully works. Oh, you probabily don't know how to download it yet alone, install it. If you're going to own a phone like that learn how to use it.
  • ouch sounds like a hater who cant afford the tp2 and is jealous someone who is not as experienced with wm has it