Sprint Treo Pro Specs (Finally!)

Whew! We were getting a little worried here that the Sprint Treo Pro, that sleek n' shiny update to the Treo 800w, was getting lost in all the Palm Pre hubbub.

Luckily TreoCentral forum member elistone was kind enough to finally post some of those luscious details on this beaut. What is curious is that evidently it only has aGPS and not standalone-GPS (a contentious issue with 800w owners).  Of course WMExperts will do a comparions of both devices as soon as we get out mitts on one to verify. 

So without further ado...Sprint Treo Pro:

  • Robust battery life with an 1500 mAh li-lon battery and 5 hours of continuous talk time.
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition (OS) providing a feature rich experience (with Enterprise SCMDM options)
  • 128MB program memory (DDR) and 256 non-volatile memory (175MB of user store)
  • A-GPS – for navigation and turn-by-turn directions - Autonomous & Simultaneous GPS allows points of interests searching and mapping from contacts.
  • Instant-on WiFi short-cut key - WPA/WPA2 certified
  • 2.0 Megapixel resolution Camera for still and video shots with BPP Basic Printing Profile
  • Price: $549 retail; $249 2-year contract

The Treo™ Pro by Palm® is a feature rich Windows Mobile 6.1 OS PDA which is a perfect balance of robust productivity and simplicity. Features include embedded WiFi with a dedicated short-cut key, A-GPS, EV-DO REV.A and a 2.0 mega pixel camera. This device has an updated stylish and slim form factor design. Data services run on Sprint’s Nationwide Mobile Broadband Network.

While nothing earth shattering, it should be a strong business messenger device for Sprint.  Look for it on Sunday, the 25th this month.

Daniel Rubino

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