Xbox One controller

Last week's New Xbox One Experience update for Microsoft's console brought with it the ability to remap the standard Xbox One controller for the first time. Microsoft is now offering some details on how this new feature works.

Microsoft says that the remapping features are available via the console's Xbox Accessories app. It states:

"For standard controllers, you can now swap button pairs. For example, if you choose to map LB to X, then X is automatically mapped to LB. This maintains that all buttons are always mapped on a standard controller. You can do multiple button swaps in sequence to move button commands to where you want them to be on the controller. When buttons are remapped on a standard controller, the remapping is not transferrable to other consoles. In other words, if you move to another console, you'll need to go through the remapping process again with that new console."

Microsoft adds that this will work with both first-party and third-party controllers made for the Xbox One, but remapping won't work for PC users yet; that will happen in an upcoming update. Owners of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller have much more remapping options to choose from.

Source: Major Nelson