Staples stores will upgrade any Windows 7 or 8.1 PC to Windows 10 for free

While Windows 10 will start rolling out online on July 29, people who don't want to wait will soon have another option. Windows Central has learned that Staples stores in the US will begin offering customers a way to quickly update their old or new Windows 7 or 8.1 PCs to Windows 10 for free, even if the PC was not originally purchased at Staples.

According to our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, Staples stores will perform the upgrade using USB files, rather than online. All stores should be able to handle these offline updates by August 2. Since we don't know yet how long it will take for Microsoft to complete the online rollout for Windows 10, this might be a faster way for users to get their free upgrade, especially if their PCs are not signed up for the Windows Insider program. As with these types of programs, it's best to call your local Staples store ahead of time to find out when they will begin this upgrade offer.

Thanks to our anonymous source for the tip!

  • Well that's nice :) it may encourage more people to upgrade. You know not everybody is a tech nerd.
    Plus Wish the Tech stores here were like that.. I hardly even see a Windows tablet that was activated for the people to see and use.
  • BestBuy is tha largest nationwide tech store here in the U.S. Each store has a Microsoft store inside. They actually have more devices than actual Microsoft stores so it is kinda pointless to go to Microsoft stores unless you want customer experience.
  • Best Buy is a far cry from what it used to be. I went to that store a few days ago and it looks pretty empty, stock and people wise. The crazy thing is not even their own employees shop there. I went to update my Note 3 and the guy was telling me about a case he bought...on Amazon.
  • Your BestBuy sucks. The BestBuy in both places I've lived are great.
  • Lol, both Best Buy stores in my immediate area do NOT have Microsoft stores in there. I do live in the US, less than 30 minutes from Boston.
  • Those are sucky BestBuy's then, not like the two where I've lived (Cleveland and central Texas)
  • The ones in Best Buy are called "Windows Stores"
  • Yeah!
  • Ever computer you buy from the Microsoft store is a Signature series so that is a huge reason to go to the Microsoft store.
  • I'd love to have something like staples in India. I wish there is something like this in India. I mean wow how awesome is this get your laptop or pc upgraded to Windows 10. :)
  • Can there ever be an article about anything, that somebody doesn't wish they had in India? I swear when ebola first came out I bet people were commenting about how they wished they had it in India... Ha ha
  • Jerk
  • Wow. I understood what u meant at the start, but halfway through u just hit a dark topic. Wasn't as funny as u thought it was.
  • This is equivalent to making and killing a joke in the same breath. Way to go man.
  • This is actually nice for people on metered connection. However, they'll need to wait a few days.
  • I work for staples Canada, we will be charging 25$ for install. We will have access to the Usb upgrade files a couple days before 10 is released. We had same sort of tool to upgrade a windows 8 pc to windows 8.1. Very handy and very quick
  • $25 is a steal most other shops can't compete with.
  • Do the usb's look cool? :P:D
  • It's a folder we download through an ftp site. And you can stick it onto any old USB. We use Usb 3.0 of coarse. But it's a super handy tool to have. I've used the 8.1 tool hundreds of times
  • The Canadian tax as usual. Or is this a charge for non-staples customers?
  • They are wanting us to charge all customers the 25$. Of coarse if it makes the difference between sale and no sale, we will do it though
  • Know what a printer humidor is?(hp's terrible wording)
  • Does that mean they already have the iso ready?
  • Sweet for people within US
  • Take the USB and download it before the release date lol
  • This is a smart and effective service. I wonder how it was negotiated. Like Slovenix said, "not everybody is a tech nerd", and some people may be intimidated by how to handle the upgrade.
  • What do they do, click the windows update button for you? ^^;
  • RTFA
  • Nope Usb.
  • Nope, they insert a USB stick and click on setup.exe - real difficult.
  • You're right, it's not difficult. But, for people who are on a metered or slow internet conenction, this is a great option.
  • But if they do it offline the OOBE wouldn't be able to download/install all the 0-day updates... But I guess it is still better than a 3+ GB download... But maybe they will have them slip-streamed onto the USB drive?
  • The moment they go online they can download any updates needed.
  • Be sure to clean your porn off before taking it in.
  • Awesome service! Windows 10 on my 8" tablet is pretty awesome, and gaming alone has become really smooth!
  • I didn't even know Staples still existed haha :D. Everyplace I've lived if there was a staples nearby it closed. Sadly where I currently live, there was a staples literally right next to a Bestbuy. Poor staples got crushed.
  • Do you think that customers, like better be screwed by the Best buy's geek squad than shopping at Staples? I shop at Staples and go to Bestbuy only if there is no other choices.
  • There is a reason best buy is way bigger and more popular lol. Yes geek squad still exists. I don't use it, have never had a reason to. I usually check office max before anything else since it is closest to me, then I go to best buy if I have to. Nut I love best buy, huge, lots of devices, windows stores are huge in them. Atleast everyone I've been to.
  • Didn't know nerds on-site still existed. As theres no place in-store that im aware of to request service with them(had a broken printer under store warranty they had to send out to test it)
  • Yes geek squad exists at every best buy. I've only ever used them for video game consoles, but obviously they are going to ship out devices they can't fix in store, the main thing they fix are computers, it says that on their list of things they do. You simply had your printer sent off to get fixed or whatever, that is a customer service thing not a geek squad issue.
  • Staples is big in the UK, one in most major towns. We use them for our corporate stationery order too.
  • Those "free" upgrades will all somehow require some type of hardware upgrade or "maintenance" in order for the upgrade to be successful or there might be "serious issues."  All of this will be done by the wonderful folks at Staples for a fee, of course. There will be a catch, folks.  There always will be.
  • Yeah... To get people in the store. From there, who knows what hardware people will bring in. Although windows 10 will run on light hardware, this is the opportunity for many to upgrade... and If they need help with updating to windows 10, I bet they are not able to install a graphics card or ram... This is not free, and it should not be. As simple as it is... Most people are doing things and installing things to bring malware... if they did no clean, staples should recommend the service... Now there is will be bogus things like tune up or what have, but a customer can decline all services at the end of the day. Shoot... people on this forum may need to go to staples as most people think that all because they have and can power on a computing device, they know the ins and outs... NOT TRUE. So yeah there is a catch, but nothing malicious... This is a good service will get people who are too afraid to try the upgrade to have the opportunity with help. Most people don't know how to answer the questions during setup... Good day
  • MS store will do the same thing if that is an option for you.
  • will they/staples do it for those that running win10 preview ?
  • Lol I'm already hearing local radio commercials from bottom feeder PC outfits warning users to think about the Win10 update. And of course they are saying to bring the computer in for an "evaluation."
  • This is a support nightmare waiting to happen. Those Staples "techs" aren't prepared for John/Jane Doe's random issues to be blamed on them post-upgrade.
  • Man, im glad i dont work there anymore :P
  • I belive OfficeMax/Office Depot will be doing the same thing.
  • I've never even seen a Staples
  • Of course it will, they have a legit os..
  • Why would people bother to do this when you can do it from home? It's far from a tech nerd task.
  • Some people aren't comfortable doing these things themselves despite how simple it is.
  • And the space requirement should be a lot less so it may be an easier option for the small devices 32g?
  • I dont know why we're doing it for free if we charged $10 for the 8.1 upgrade.
  • A neat Idea... and well I guess you can shop for 30 minutes while you wait.
  • A half hour? That's pretty optimistic. :) 
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  • This is a smart thing for Staples to do. They could get people to upgrade their hard drive or buy other things for their PC too. Microsoft must be helping them by providing these USB Windows 10 upgrade devices.    
  • I'm just guessing that this would have to be scheduled, or a sign up thing, otherwise this would be a logistical nightmare. I own three computers and part of the windows insider program. My question is this: can you download once to a USB drive then install on all CPU'S?
  • Great move by Staples and at the same time while your pc is being upgraded (for free) they will try to sell you a thing or two. ex: "Ma'ma your PC's anti-virus software is outdated" "we have the latest anti-virus software" "Sir, your pc is running out of disk space" "we have external hard drives availables"