Find the Big Dipper and more with Star Walk 2, this week's myAppFree Deal

Star Walk 2 is a fantastic Windows 10 app for learning the position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, nebulae and more. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the app uses real-time motion tracking to chart the skies on your device, making it easier to identify astrological events. In a nutshell, if you want to learn about the stars above Star Walk 2 is a cool app to have around.

Star Walk 2 is normally priced at $2.99 with a few in-app purchase opportunities. However, through the myAppFree promotion, over the next twenty-four hours, you can pick up Star Walk 2 free. It is a great opportunity to pick up a quality app, discover what's hiding in the night sky and save a little along the way.

Star Walk 2

Here are some of the key features of Sky Walk 2:

  • Augmented Reality allows users to point-and-display the sky as on any device with digital compass. A Star Spotter feature then shows the sky as seen in reality and follows the movement of the user.
  • Time Machine extends control of star viewing into the past and future. Once activated, a panel drops down and you can rapidly flip through time.
  • Search allows you to search for any planet, constellation, messier object, satellite, or star and see it on the display.
  • Moon phases display the moon phases for a chosen period.
  • Night mode – night time setting shifts the graphics to red tones.
  • Incredible 3D models of celestial bodies: planetary nebulae, constellations, dwarf planets, comets, and asteroids, man-made satellites, layer by layer planets and missions

The app can also share screenshots of your sky view via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email and detailed information on celestial bodies is available.

Star Walk 2 is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and is normally priced at $2.99. However, for the next 24 hours you can pick up Star Walk 2 free courtesy of the myAppFree promotion. It's a steal of a deal on a very informative stargazing app. Please note that this deal is only for Windows 10 devices.

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  • Love it!
  • It's not showing up I MyAppFree for me!
  • Use the QR code
  • There's about 4 hours left in the app for it to tick over to the new deal (happens around 6pm Eastern). Searching the app in the store should show the deal. Also, it may require you have the updated (now UWP) version of MyAppFree. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to give you the points anymore. :[
  • Points are currently blocked but we will reintroduce the feature in a further update :)
  • Very nice and informative app. 
  • I'm still having to buy the bundle for $2.99 after downloading it to unlock the none free extras. Isn't that what is suppose to be free through MyAppFree? 
  • No. You are getting the base app, which itself usually costs $2.99. It's pretty much useful without the extras. Now if you buy the extras, you are getting everything at $2.99, which would normally require $5.98, that's a discount of 50%. Not bad IMO.
  • "myAppSlightlylessexpensivethanitwould'vebeen" I stopped using myAppFree a while ago. Once they had a promotion for an App called #1 Toolkit. It was $4 (I believe) normally and I snagged it for free. I was happy. It was great. The very next day the app had an update making it free with ads and $4 in-app purchase to remove them. -_-
  • Hey kinghippo, I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we don't have direct control on what the developers wants to do with their app after the promotion. Usually 99% of the apps promoted with myAppFree returns paid in 24 hours, that's why catching those while in promo is a good deal.
    I really hope to see you again on myAppFree, we are working to bring awesome deals like Star Walk 2 is in the future.
  • NIce timing as this week is Perseids viewing week!  Can't wait to take this with my 6 year old hopefully catch some shooting stars while star gazing!
  • Best use of AR. Far more useful and informative than stupid Pokémon go game.
  • Definitely something to try on HoloLens. That would be awesome.
  • In app purchases are not free.
  • Thanks for the tip! Downloading.
  • Thanks for the tip!! This app is always great for camping or using around the campfire. This is great!
  • Amazing app! Congrats to the authors!
  • Great app thanks for the tip ^_^
  • Downloaded and purchased the extras.....worth every penny.
  • Do you have any quality app like this one? I want their name.
  • There is "Sky Guide" but it is for iOS only.
  • The Store page says it's compatible with the Xbox. That could be cool, browsing the night sky on the "big screen"....
  • All 26 ratings thus far are 5 stars. That's pretty impressive.
  • This is another app that you would want on your smartphone or tablet and not on your PC or Xbox, as you would be using it outdoors only. This is another reason why UWP is failing.
  • UWP failing?  I don't think you could possilby be more misguided.  There are new UWP apps arriving each day and many are "big name" apps.  UWP is what sets Microsoft's ecosystem apart  and a big reason people are coming back to it. Also, even though this is an app designed and best used outside, it doesn't mean it has no application indoors.  It costs the user nothing more to have it work everywhere.
  • SkyMap Free has been around for ages, also has Augmented Reality and is still very good.
  • Skywalk 2 is probably the most amazing app I've ever downloaded.  The amount of effort and research that went into building this is phenominal.  It's worth 3x its normal price.  Grab this now!
  • Just had a look at Sky Walk 2. Must say, it is very polished and much easier to use than SkyMap Free. This will be my primary astro app.