Gamers are using rubber bands on controllers to grind Star Wars Battlefront II credits [updated]

The progression system needs to be overhauled but there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight. As with any such problem, gamers always manage to find creative solutions. This time around it involves a controller and rubber bands. A report by Eurogamer highlighted a way to earn credits without playing, but it might result in gamers getting banned.

Once you're in a multiplayer match, you just have to make sure you register movements so you don't get kicked out. While some gamers make robots and other devices, there's a simpler solution. If you tie a rubber band to your left thumbstick so it's all the way to the side and tie another one on your right thumbstick so that you're constantly registering aiming motions, then you can still participate in matches even though you aren't playing them.

You can just leave it like that and get some work done or watch a show. When you come back you'll have a nice pile of credits waiting for you. Keep in mind that getting caught doing this could result in bans.

Players who do exceptionally well in the game also receive slightly better payouts but the bonuses are trivial, making the rubber band method almost as viable as actually playing the game to grab credits. Maybe EA should've just focused on making the game fair and balanced instead.

Update 11/29/17: DICE said that there was a fix coming for this exploit soon. It's a shame that gamers have to do this because they don't earn enough credits in the first place.

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Asher Madan

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