Gamers are using rubber bands on controllers to grind Star Wars Battlefront II credits [updated]

The progression system needs to be overhauled but there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight. As with any such problem, gamers always manage to find creative solutions. This time around it involves a controller and rubber bands. A report by Eurogamer highlighted a way to earn credits without playing, but it might result in gamers getting banned.

Once you're in a multiplayer match, you just have to make sure you register movements so you don't get kicked out. While some gamers make robots and other devices, there's a simpler solution. If you tie a rubber band to your left thumbstick so it's all the way to the side and tie another one on your right thumbstick so that you're constantly registering aiming motions, then you can still participate in matches even though you aren't playing them.

You can just leave it like that and get some work done or watch a show. When you come back you'll have a nice pile of credits waiting for you. Keep in mind that getting caught doing this could result in bans.

Players who do exceptionally well in the game also receive slightly better payouts but the bonuses are trivial, making the rubber band method almost as viable as actually playing the game to grab credits. Maybe EA should've just focused on making the game fair and balanced instead.

Update 11/29/17: DICE said that there was a fix coming for this exploit soon. It's a shame that gamers have to do this because they don't earn enough credits in the first place.

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  • "Maybe EA should've just focused on making the game fair and balanced instead." LOL! Yeah, usually that is a good idea.
  • HAHA! People still doing that is amazing. Last one I did that was in halo reach when i had to leave but my friends kept going.
  • Wow that's pretty sad if the game is that boring tou have to resort to dumb things like this that ruin the game for others
  • Wow that's pretty sad if the game is that boring tou have to resort to dumb things like this that ruin the game for others
    EA already ruined the game for everyone. It's just those that are paying, and part of the problem of EA greed, are getting bitten by the very standards EA have contributed to the game.
    Don't buy the game, don't buy into the microtransations, don't buy into EA. Don't worry about people using rubber bands.
    The worrying thing is, EA is probably going to market this with some Pro Battle front rubber bands, and sell them for $30.
  • I think you underestimate the grinding they put in place. You have to play non-stop for 6 months to unlock everything. So, if you're playing a reasonable 3 hours/day (for someone with a lot of free time), rather than the 24 hours needed to get things done in 6 months, you need 48 months--FOUR YEARS--to unlock everything. Very few games for very few people would get 3 hours/day for a year, let alone 4. Few games are still played by ANY user for 4 conseuctive years, mostly because the new Battlefrton would almost certainly launch by then. Those numbers are a bit high because of challenge credits, but those grind to a halt pretty quickly. I'd imagine that if you're aiming to unlock a chunk og things you like, it'll probably take a full year to get the things you like to use in-game. That's pretty unreasonable, a year of consistent multipalyer just to get to a place you're not longer grinding for what you actually want to do day in and day out.
  • Doesn't it take longer to unlock everything in destiny 2?
  • Shhh!!! Don't try to use logic. Now grinding in games is unacceptable (not that it is ever fun) apparently.
  • I think you may have been expecting too much. =P Did you even ever play the other game? If so you should have known.
  • Awful, really awful.
  • Battlefront 2 owners have proven their intelligence when they made the purchase anyway.
  • The game is fun regardless of the loot box system. So ya, I'm glad I bought the game even though EA haters want everyone to boycott the game.
  • It's not "EA haters", it's people with principles. You have to vote with your MONEY. if people still buy the game then they aren't going to change. Companies follow the money, not what people ***** about. So you are simply part of the problem. Congrats for being weak and unhelpful.
  • It's not a problem. Micro transactions are awesome. Free dlc. See halo 5
  • Free? Free of what exactly? Common sense? Wouldn't it be more sensible to pump 2 years worth of salary into the game? Essentially it would take 2 years of daily grinding for the length of a working day (assuming sleep and food is required). That amount of time's worth quite a lot of money. Actually grinding for this stuff (sans rubber band) is a foolish and inefficient method.
  • Totally.
  • Collecting crafting parts to upgrade items is sad. Sure, it's great that you can win credits and maybe after 8 to 10 matches you can unlock a crate.. But what good are weapons or boosts you can't upgrade? Daily crates give you 5 crafting parts. To put things in perspective you require almost 500 crafting parts to upgrade your cards to level 3. And well over 800 parts for level 4 cards. So far, the only way I've been able to collect parts is by completing challenges that I don't care to do. Or by hoping that I find 45 parts in a crate that I need to spend credits on. The upgrade system needs a complete overview haul. Either give a decent amount of credits and parts for playing or do something else that makes sense.
  • Um, to make a level 3 card costs 120 and to make a level 4 card (max level) is 480.
  • 480+120+80+40=720 to max one card. Do the math. 45 per 2,200 cred box, at 300 cred per game = a ******* grind. Not to mention cards that amplify health, shields, and health regain also applied to reinforcements make the game laughably unbalanced and suck the fun out. 
  • Lol.... Looks like tricks from the old consoles days (n64) still work haha. EA bought this upon themselves, they have completely destroyed any sort of decent game play experience. Disney should give them freaking boot, that will surely shake up the industry - good and proper that gambling mechanics in £60 games will not be tolerated.
  • I thought the whole reason to buy a game was to PLAY it and not let some hack play, sorry cheat, for you!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I thought $60 bought you a game, not a 24/7 job to unlock the content you thought you paid $60 for.
  • Clearly this is not the game to buy.
  • Then don't buy it and spend $60 on something else instead. EA aren't holding a gun to your head and demanding you buy it, are they!!!!
  • Lol. Get a clue mate.
  • So you buy a game to cheat your way through it then?
  • It takes a weak soul to do a method like this
  • Exactly and the problem is that people using this won't get a ban either.
  • Actually this kind of method is easily trackable and I remember hearing of Halo bans in the past because of it.
  • For all of you that didn't play the game, I can tell you that the game is still fun even if your class' card level is 0. The in-game mechanics are great, the objectives are fun and, I think, well balanced. Sure, I'd love to unlock and upgrade more of my classes star cards, but I still enjoy playing, and do not feel frustrated by being held back from the content you can possibly unlock.
  • Thanks
  • cards? crates? I'm happy to have permission to go shoot and destroy things in a galaxy far far away!
  • No, boycott this game. This person doesn’t seem to have any idea u need 3,000 kills to unlock all the best guns and attachments, and that’s being efficient. Not to mention some attachments and upgrades can result in x2 or x3 damage for a gun, and x3 shield, and on top u can have a card that gives +25% health, including for reinforcements like Wookies and dark troopers who already have x4 health over a scout, and can one-shot u. Plus in general I don’t find it fun at all that people can spam turrets, shields, and OP reinforcements. The last game was way more balanced and accessible. They made this game feel like Overwatch, instead of a shooter, but at least Overwatch is balanced, and there aren’t progress rewards that make the game unfair.  To list the other problems: arcade is the new splitscreen mode, and it sucks compared to survival and skirmish from the last game. Fighter squadron is even more unbalanced due to the star card upgrades. The new 20 v 20 mode is completely broken, I don’t even play it. If u have to get 3,000 kills, why waste my time getting killed by heroes, map objectives, and vehicles, further of which if I use won’t count toward my 3,000 kills. Same with reinforcements, I never use them bc I have to grind so many kills. However, I’m pretty much done, too frustrated to continue. It doesn’t matter if ur new and getting killed by the people with all the unlocks and upgrades, or if ur the one with all the unlocks and upgrades murdering the newbies, it’s just not fun either way. And especially not fun being a hero that heals, or a reinforcement that has x4 health and an OP one-shot weapon. Wtf is wrong with u people who find this game fun, and don’t see where the hate is coming from?
  • I do see where the hate is coming from but boycotting a game is stupid and will only lead to the ENTIRE Star Wars Battlefront franchise being cancelled and never being handed to another developer. No one is holding a gun to your head and demanding you buy it so if you don't like it then go spend $60 on something else instead.
  • We will.
  • EA better figure this out or Disney is going to pull the plug on them. There is no way Disney is going to allow a "game" company to screw up one of their major cash cows.
  • Why does any of this matter? It's a stupid game. Just play it!!
  • But yet here you are. Just sayin....
  • respawn?  If you constantly have to hit the button to spawn then what is the point?