Star Wars Battlefront is now available in the EA Access Vault

If you're an EA Access member on Xbox One, you can now check out Star Wars Battlefront as part of your subscription. The game is now available as part of the EA Access Vault, meaning any subscriber can download it and give it a go.

The move comes a little over a year since the game initially made its debut. As with all Vault games, however, EA Access only lets you download and play the base game; DLC that has been added to the game since release is extra.

If you haven't had a chance to check out EA Access, Star Wars Battlefront is just one of several popular EA titles available in the Vault. Others include the Mass Effect series, Mirror's Edge, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and several of the company's sports titles.

Are you planning to check out Star Wars Battlefront in the EA Access Vault? Let us know in the comments!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • this exciting. i just purchased a 1 month last month. most games in the first year i owned. so i didn't renew. this time there are a few games that i dont so i thought why not again. i most definitaly will renew now i wanted this game but didn't want to shell out the full amount  
  • I love EA Access, and the price is damned good. I'd like them to throw out some more old titles though, even 360 indie ones would be welcome.
  • A decent and accessible title. More family friendly than Gears or some others. I loved it. And for "free" damned worth it. Take more than this to get me off Battlefield 1 though.
  • Too bad they don't include DLCs that would avoid splitting the community.
  • Keep an eye on the weekly deals with gold because they will likely start giving the DLC away for free one at a time like they did with Battlefield 4.
  • And hardline
  • Yeah I've been waiting for a sale on the DLC, it's so expensive and never seems to get any cheaper.
  • No brainer, for 20 quids a year.
  • The on foot gameplay was pretty boring after the initial wow at the visuals. It was Battlefield without the good bits. Best part of the game was the flight battle mode.